An allergy occurs when the body is to be in a condition such as to react abnormally directed against certain substances submitted to us via food or respiration. This reaction hypersensitivity , chronic or seasonal as it is, can certainly create a condition of difficulties and in some cases, may even be a grave danger to our health . Below, a small memorandum to follow to find out how to tell if you are suffering from any allergic disease .

The path to find out if you are allergic and what part from the beginning with the characteristic suspicion of allergy based on the occurrence of symptoms typically allergic to. These symptoms can manifest itself in various ways: in the respiratory tract appear rhinitis, epistaxis, sneezing, asthma and cough, then, gastrointestinal symptoms such as esophagitis, diarrhea, constipation and bloating. I am also suspicious dark circles, bad breath and swollen lips.


After experiencing the symptoms, clinical history must book that will make it possible to know what the precise times and under what specific conditions and symptoms occur at the same time, if they occur randomly or with a seasonal cyclic and continuous .

Subsequently, will need to undergo a series of skin tests in order to check their personal sensitivity to potential allergens: using a small lesion, a micro amount of the allergen will be made ​​to penetrate through the skin, allowing in this way the verification or less of an allergic response Alternatively, they may be required of the examinations of the blood, so as to measure the so-called levels of specific IgE .

In the case where the tests or examinations prove positive, will be almost certain the possibility of being in the presence of an ‘allergy. At this point, it will be necessary to resort to an ‘other series of tests much more specific, in the case of allergies, respiratory type, will be used to spirometry, a’ very simple survey possible via a special instrument called a spirometer, while in the case of food allergies will be helpful to use so-called test called load test. These tests will be able to provide a final answer on your possible allergic pathological condition.