Food allergies can cause a mild allergic reaction as a simple itchy throat or a severe life-threatening due to an allergic reaction known as prophylaxis. Feeding there are at least eight food allergens : cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts (walnuts, almonds and cashews), fish, shellfish, soy and wheat. Let us see if you experience the symptoms, how to find a food allergy.

If we assume when milk and you notice symptoms like asthma, then this is definitely one of the major causes and could also spread to other foods. What causes this allergy is usually due to milk proteins that occur immediately back in time when you are infants. Many people, without their knowledge are allergic to eggs because of the high content of albumin. If you notice in this case strange skin reactions and symptoms of asphyxiation, so you must absolutely avoid them and pay attention on the purchase of products made ​​with eggs, making sure that the labels will be reported to the presence which by law manufacturers are required to list their to safeguard the intolerant subjects.


Without dwelling especially on the six other foods that contain allergens, rather we seek to thoroughly investigate and try to figure out how to find out in detail in a targeted manner to which of these substances is actually intolerant. If you regularly occurring symptoms of an allergy, but you do not know thoroughly the food is the culprit, you should go to the medical hospital performing the test, the result is immediate. These tests are specific just for food (there are also for light or heavy metals, for pollen from flower, dust and much more) are made ​​by the administration in small doses called prick tests, which are standard.

The test consists in a simple examination , noninvasive, and without any side effects for the patient who subjects himself. The test is carried out on the forearm or on the back of which are positioned in turns various food substances after which, pricked with the needle. After about twenty minutes, the doctors begin to observe that if the reaction presents itching and irritation of the skin, then the test is positive and thus able to locate the food to which you are allergic.