A drug may be administered in a large number of ways, among which the injection by means of a medicine syringe. The medical syringes can be used to inject drugs intravenously, but also to extract fluids from the body. Although those glass were very popular in the past, most of the modern syringes are manufactured using the plastic and may vary in appearance, depending on the manufacturer. Know how to fill a syringe of medicine is essential in order to deliver the intended dose of medication. Let’s see how to do it.

Check the dosage of the drug to be injected: There are many formats of medical syringes, and then select one of the right size. They are usually graduated in milliliters, and typically include a range of sizes that can range from one to ten milliliters. The syringe must be large enough to allow you to suck the drug at once, and if it has no August already connected, insert a new one. Take care to wash your hands before handling the medication and syringe needle.


Remove the cap metal from the falcon of the drug; below it should find another rubber stopper thin. If the drug has already been opened and used earlier, and then the first metal cover has been removed for some time, clean the rubber stopper with an alcohol swab to avoid any contamination .

Push the plunger of the syringe along the body of the instrument: this will help you more easily transfer the drug inside. Remove the protective cap from the needle and insert the latter into the rubber stopper of the bottle, crossing it. Now turn the bottle upside down: the rubber coating should be facing the the floor.

Pull the plunger back slowly to allow the medicine to flow into the syringe. Make sure that the needle is immersed in the liquid throughout the process, to avoid the formation of air bubbles. If you notice one, stop and pat gently pull the plunger on the syringe at the point where you see the bubble: this should help to eliminate it. Once the air is out, continue to suck the drug until the graduated strip printed on one side of the syringe will mark the right amount. Remove the needle from the drug vial and replace the metal cap. This will help protect you from accidental punctures and avoid the possibility of contamination.