Who has not ever been affected, even if only for a short time, by constipation (also known by the term “constipation”). It is a physical condition that leads to a certain state unwell also psychological . In this guide, we will address the issue of searching for some natural remedies that can help us find our regularly through the help of the food . This guide does not contain pharmaceutical remedies for the most serious cases, but only to find some simple solutions exclusively for sporadic cases and non-serious. Read the guide to know how to combat this discomfort.

Before addressing care to rehabilitate the body to normal activity and regularity, it is good to know what are the causes that lead to the state of constipation . The first among these is the power too dry. The introduction of excessive carbohydrates, the scarcity of liquid and a sedentary lifestyle, are the main causes that can cause this discomfort. Sometimes these items can also be exacerbated by a state of psychological discomfort. How many times, for example, you happen to be staying a few days away from home and no longer able to be regular because of the presence (sometimes) other people or for any other reason.


This situation can be mitigated thanks to some solutions such as, movement ( physical activity ), regularly go to the bathroom more or less regular times even if you do not have the stimulus (sometimes it’s just a psychological factor) and, above all, to adopt a proper diet low in carbohydrates, high in fiber and water. Typically, in these situations, the first thing that is recommended is to eat a lot of cereal , for breakfast and for lunch and dinner.

Drinking plenty of water can certainly make you feel better, also other foods that can help to combat constipation are artichokes, orange zest, notoriously plums are perfect for being able to go to the body, whether they are fresh and dry can also prepare many kinds of herbal teas that can be of great help, such as a very tasty is the following: take water and bring to a boil then add a few teaspoons of strawberry juice, a stick of liquorice that have been washed, and a little ‘mallow. Leave for a few minutes in boiling water then strain it and drink Avoid eating foods with lemon.