Many people are facing annoying problems of insomnia , which may have causes of a different nature . Able to fall asleep in a calm and relaxed is not easy, it seems obvious task for humans, yet our brain is often difficult to recognize the bedroom as a place of relaxation . In this guide, we will address the theme of insomnia , trying to suggest the simple methods to fall asleep more easily.

Key to encourage a sleep is pleasant and uninterrupted silence. Often the noise and the lights can stop or prevent sleep, but often the worst enemy of sleep is stress. A hot bath and a light dinner, maybe ended with a camomile or herbal tea , can be a great help to relax your muscles and feel pleasantly clean. A further help to relax body and mind can be reading a book, rather than hours spent in front of the computer or the TV. Many people are also difficulties in falling in part because of “thoughts for the day after.” Pinning things to do and commitments that prevent peace of mind, can free the mind. Another tip is also to avoid the coffee, which in the late hours can make nervous. But often sleep may be disturbed even by a very comfortable bed. Especially if you wake up with aches and pains in your back, neck and legs often, try changing mattress, pillow and if necessary the network.


Many will tell you to exercise to get tired and then sleep better. But recent studies have shown the opposite: to set in motion the body does not always help to rest. Better enjoy stretching or relaxing massage for sleep. Some people find benefit in bed listening to soothing music, of course at low volume. Nor should we underestimate the emotional relationships: in fact happen that a quarrel or a family situation (or work) hard, may adversely affect the ease in falling asleep. Try as much as possible, to find inner serenity solving relationship problems and you’ll have a better chance to regain positive feelings, which are essential to lead a satisfying rest.

Some people use an original method: the emitter of waves white noise , an instrument that creates sounds that can distract the mind, and in many cases promote sleep. Sometimes the techniques of mental and physical relaxation, of whatever nature, may need some time to “heal” insomnia. Be patient and if the problem persists, contact with an expert.