Here is a guide that will give you advice on how to ease neck pain. For various reasons, one in three people suffer from this problem; happens especially to people who are sitting at a desk for work, for study, but also can be caused by the accumulation of stress, for a wrong posture or an awkward position during sleep. Before remedy is recommended to consult a doctor to assess the nature of the problem.

You can help yourself by doing a little exercise, to loosen the muscle tension. You can perform basic exercises of stretching ; a first exercise is a slow movement up and down of the head to touch your chin with your chest, you can still make a gentle motion by rotating the head clockwise and anti-clockwise to feel the muscles of the neck pull. Another exercise, for example, if you have too much pain on the right side of the neck, you should try to bring the ear to the shoulder very slowly and you can accompany the movement of the head with his hand.


For those who do not particularly like the gym (even if it is of simple exercises that you can practice by sitting and with little effort), you can use natural remedies, how to keep your neck warm with a scarf, or use a bag of hot water. This allows you to dissolve muscle tension. If the inflammation of the muscles is too strong and does not cease to bother us then instead of the hot water bottle to prefer the ice . Or an anti-inflammatory substance without side effects is located in the pharmacy and is the absence of Arni which is located in cream.

Following these tips you should remember that with the habits of posture wrong may bear this annoying problem , having severe pain in the neck prevent us from carrying out our daily activities safely, so you have to remember to watch television and computer perfectly straight in front of our eyes, and when you have the front of the PC chair with his elbows resting. Another important tip is to take during sleep proper posture, but you know this is hard to do while you are sleeping, and so it is vital that you have a good pillow to make your head in line with your back. If you will not help solve our problem, as we have said before, you have to go to the doctor who will help us solve our problem.