The sinusitis is a disease often overlooked, as people or subject, thought to have contracted a severe cold or acute form of influence , ignoring the causes . Instead sinusitis is caused by a bacterial proliferation or of pathogens in the paranasal was , as the mucus , becoming dense stagnates, leading to an obstruction and then the proliferation of bacteria .

The causes can be many. Exposure to temperature changes, colds, seasonal allergies such as pollen and dust mites, deviations of the nasal septum and nasal polyps. This disease can affect any age group, preferring adults and adolescents, with symptoms that need to be discovered quickly, thus avoiding unpleasant chronicity and rhinitis. The subjects have severe headache, such as a pressure at the center of the nostrils , nasal discharge, cough, fever, and toothache. The form that affects teenagers, causes as well as the usual symptoms of nausea, eye pain and dry cough. A good diagnosis is the basis of recovery from this painful infection. The visit endoscopic, X-rays and CAT scans better yet, they are the most reliable means of diagnosis.


The sinusitis can last a long time and sometimes goes away by itself, but if it persists for more than 2-3 weeks, needed the intervention of the doctor and the prescription of any antibiotics , to be taken with repeated cycles. Before taking medications, we can resort to fumigations of oils essential lavender, rosemary and thyme with plasticizing action, to be dissolved in hot water or to be paid on a handkerchief. Another simple remedy is to pour essential oil of eucalyptus in a tub of hot water, for its balsamic. Also, are recommended nasal washes , with water or with thermal water and salt. Those lucky enough to inhabit or intends to spend the holidays by the sea, located in the sea water as a lifeline just have to inhale it for an effective decongestant and curative.

Another method is by far Ukraine, recommend heating up a handful of salt in a saucepan and place it in a handkerchief, and then apply it on the face, able to drain the stagnant mucus Finally it can be prevented with simple rules of hygiene as ventilate the chambers Use humidifiers, drink plenty of fluids and perform periodic nasal washes, even with solutions available in pharmacies.