Cough is a defense mechanism put into action by the respiratory tract. It occurs in all cases in which irritation occurs, an infection, or an inflammatory process of the upper airway, and lower, sometimes in conjunction with allergies, infectious factors, and the onset of mucus and phlegm. It is a necessary mechanism, which is useful to expel phlegm, and prevent infectious agents to reach the lower airways (bronchi, bronchi oles, lungs). Depending on the type of cough, we will have a clinical picture different treatments to deal with different doctors. Let’s see how to distinguish the types of cough.

The cough to be identified, distinguishing it from the common forms due to cooling, the cough is asthmatic, among many others, is one of the most dangerous. Usually begins suddenly, with dry cough and thickly, due to respiratory failure and requires appropriate action by broncho dilators, antihistamines and corticosteroids. The people struggling to breathe, you will hear a hissing sound while the intake of air and observe, below the Adam ‘s apple, a dimple remarkable. Depending on the severity of the asthma attack, you will have to proceed with treatments doctors of various kinds, sometimes require the immediate hospitalization, or emergency treatment, especially when it comes to young children (oxygen tent). Other types of cough, due to infections, may manifest itself in different ways, giving rise to a clinical picture of different intensity and severity.


Irritation of the upper respiratory tract and lower generates, very often, the appearance of cough and phlegm. In principle, the cough is dry and intense, giving rise after a few days, the appearance of phlegm. Typically, there is no fever , but the disorder is not taken care of properly, it can lead to bronchitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. The respiratory system they defend themselves from aggression (bacteria, viruses, allergens), producing mucus.

The production of phlegm in excessive amounts, which draws upon the bronchi , may give rise to real bronchitis and bronchitis, fever may occur while coughing, you will do more with fat leakage of mucus and phlegm . You will need to use medicines and expectorants inhalation, in severe cases, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic.

The most serious complication of cough and types of cooling and flu is pneumonia. The latter occurs in various ways, depending on the infectious agent and the severity of the same. Often accompanied by fever, cough from place to intercontinental pain, facing the rear of the thorax (shoulder), inspection through medical stethoscope, reveals an abnormal breathing. The diagnosis relies on the use of chest X-ray, revealing the inflammatory focus: care should be taken, in addition to symptoms (cough and fever), infection itself, by administering specific drugs that your doctor will identify depending on the situation and the type of infection (viral or bacterial). The cough per is, is not an infectious process that is of concern, but as we have seen, can occur for several reasons and also give rise to complications series, why not go underestimated.