When it comes the anxiety does mean that you are losing the meaning of life , it feels unnecessary, we seem to not serve anyone, maybe because you are following a “road” that is not ours, a job that does not satisfy us, and we find no sense of things we do. But what is anxiety? Anxiety is the vital energy that wants to come in contact at all costs with our awareness, with consciousness, with our true personality hidden by the rigidity and inaccurate stereotypes common. Anxiety puts us on “who is the” in situations of danger, impels us towards the realization of dreams remained unfulfilled for too long. But how to defeat anxiety and find peace of mind?

To overcome the anxiety you have to learn to be happy and to be happy until the bottom should definitely overcome the guilt . Why feel so at the base of a void there may be feelings of guilt that you can not overcome. Feelings of guilt force us to do what we do not want to do. They are the ones who obey to the sense of duty, or awe or suggestion.


To remove the anxiety permanently then you have to rediscover “the laugh.” When was the last time you laughed? Ask yourself this question. You will realize that you can not even remember when it was more, this means that for too long you say you forgot to laugh. Laughing with someone is so easy! As well as liberating. Did you ever notice how chores “dramatic” are a great comedy? And if you can slowly just to laugh about pain, you no longer fear it when something bad happens to you, you’ll know why deal with the right light and be able to overcome it more naturally.

But remember that to get rid of this damn anxiety , is not only rediscover the happiness and laugh, but you must also learn to bring out all the bad thoughts And the tears can help in this regard to keep from crying wanting to be strong Strong is absurd for anyone anymore? For what? And why not? The force is neither the coldness with which he approaches life, I impassivity is knowing how to express feelings, talk about it, manifest them with rice and also with the cry, take them out and gradually to distance Crying is very useful and liberating Incarnation , cry, beat your feet on the ground, complain is all very right But remember that crying has a beginning and an end Crying is an outlet necessary but temporary Then you must start living again!