Children and infants are the most susceptible to this type of infection (though not sparing the adults), it is generally Otis , often painful, occurs preferably in the cold months , or who have continuous contact with water , diving, swimming, etc.., or after a bad cold , the symptoms manifest themselves through a pounding pain inside the ear. This guide will teach you the various ways of how to cure this infection.

We know first of all our ear, the auditory system is divided into the outer ear , middle and inner. The outer ear consists of the pavilion and the internal auditory canal, the ear consists of the tympani cavity, which holds the bones that serve the transmission of sound, the inner ear contains nerve endings of the hearing nerve and the bodies responsible for to maintaining the balance of the body. Depending on the affected area will have an ear infection , inner, middle or outer, the latter are represented by pimples in the hall and into the ear, causing extreme pain. The average instead is accompanied by cold or tonsillitis due to germs that localize in the middle ear. The internal Otis is almost always secondary to meningitis and other infectious diseases.


For treatment, you can intervene with spa treatments: the waters indicated are salt-iodine-sulfurous and care are those practiced with endothermic insulation gas with release of therapeutic mineral water. We also use other inhalation treatment: hot-humid inhalations, aerosol, inhalation of dry gas. In this common inflammatory disease of the ear is given the climate of the sea: climatology. Then there is the aromatherapist: apply poultices of clay , hot or warm, behind and below the ears , a couple of times a day. Mix 4-5 drops of essence of eucalyptus. With Chemotherapy, radiate 2 times a day, for about 30 minutes, the ears directly with the colors blue or violet and the whole body with the color indigo. Apply ears wraps solar water indigo, warmed.

With Homeopathy: when the cold causes sore ears must be taken immediately “aconite”. It may also intervene with acupuncture and chemotherapy: you take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory that conventional medicine generally prescribes for general use. They are injected in multiple micro injections, locally in the inner ear. These alternative treatments to traditional medicine. If the infection is mild, greatly contribute the hot packs , or put a little ‘ warm oil inside the ear, this will melt the wax and unlock the liquid retained within, giving relief. If the pain persists, you may appeal to some counter medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, if you get a high fever and the pain continues, it is best to consult your doctor.