The gums are subject to bleeding for several diseases usually related to inadequate oral hygiene . If your gums bleed is taking place in your mouth an infectious process that need to be remedied to not allow the worsening of the problem. In this guide we will see how to cure bleeding gums.

First in front of a continuous gingival bleeding is good to submit the issue to a dentist that will identify the causes. Usually, doctors recommend to thoroughly clean the teeth at the hands of a dental hygienist every three / six months, this will eliminate the tartar that forms around the neck of the tooth by lifting the gums and cause bleeding.

Are commercially available to different types of mouthwashes specific for infections that go to disinfect and protect the oral cavity . For sufferers of gingival bleeding is also important to the choice of the toothbrush from the teeth, which should not be too hard. Even as regards the choice of the toothpaste may fall on formulations little aggressive and specifications to solve the problem.


The greatest enemy of the gums are the remnants of food, so it is good to brush your teeth after every meal and flossing At this link you will find the advice to perform a proper dental hygiene daily.

There are also many natural remedies to relieve pain and bleeding and promote tissue regeneration. In case of intense bleeding wet with water very cold gauze and hold it pressed for a few minutes at the point concerned. To regenerate the gums that bleed you can gargle with aloe vera juice three times a day, can be easily found in drugstores and health food stores, if what you bought is edible, swallow it after washing and you will do well intestine. To soothe irritations that cause bleeding are very useful rinses made ​​with a decoction of sage or mauve. After doing it rest for 15 minutes strain the water and let it cool; solution used to rinse the oral cavity. With the leaves you can make compresses directly on the gums, just wrap it in a piece of gauze and apply for 10 minutes. Lemon juice or vinegar with their disinfectant properties and healing are excellent as a mouthwash.