In times of the year such as the fall and winter there is a strong probability of occurrence of the evils of the season, such as the common cold and sore throat. Very often, however, you do not want to resort to medicines for the treatment of these diseases by cooling, so many times they are also sufficient remedies natural, so-called “grandma’s remedies”. In this guide I will try to give some advice on how to cure a sore throat, but of course without encroaching on the doctor.

First of all, there are various remedies, which vary depending on the severity of sore throat. For a sore throat light can recommend the use of homeopathic remedies can also be purchased in herbal medicine. The main remedy is the propolis in alcohol solution, which has a purely functional and soothing the sore throat will go slowly. Propolis is a completely homeopathic medicinal substance, insomuch that it is recommended for use as a method of preventing the sore throat and diseases of winter.


When you already have a burning sensation in the throat is necessary to increase the dose of propolis to two to three times a day, usually a few drops on a sugar cube or a teaspoon full of sugar. It is important to say that this is a natural remedy, so if the sore throat is associated with fever or plaques is advisable to contact your doctor. Indeed, in the case of fever, it is important to take an antibiotic to prevent the spread of viral or bacterial infection can proliferate within the body. The same physician will recommend a dose of five days of a normal antibiotic such as amoxicillin.

If you suffer instead of light burning in the throat, and then you want a simple remedy, the best among them will be the honey. Honey is a great remedy to soften the oral cavity, when there is a slight affection. Another remedy rinses are very common, usually with a regular mouthwash, but even with something as specific as Tantum Verde. It is used both for oral hygiene, which for a sore throat. Remember that cure the sore throat is not always as critical or difficult and also remember not to abuse antibiotics or medicines too strong, as they may be having a side effect, and must be used under strict medical supervision. I hope to be useful and good healing to you all!