In autumn and winter, with the lowering of the temperature, comes the most feared and, at the same time frequent ailment of the season : a cold. The question that often arises when we hit the cold, concerns how to treat it without necessarily having to resort to traditional medicines . Fortunately we are meeting the natural remedies and herbs to cure the annoying cold.


As we all know, the common “cold” is merely an inflammation of the upper respiratory; It can affect a person more than once during the year. The main symptoms are: sore throat, stuffy nose, sore head and sometimes cough. There are over two hundred strains that can cause the common cold ; the cold then, by altering the mechanisms of defense of the upper respiratory tract , facilitates the infection; viruses, lurk, usually, in the hands (which is why it is advisable to wash them well and often), and branch orally making cold contagious.

There are plenty of herbs that can help fight colds, as well as there are many traditional remedies, the so-called “grandma’s remedies” that, through the use of all natural substances, they help not harm us in any way.
We begin to learn together these remedies . For a sore throat are excellent soothing chamomile and honey. Chamomile has refreshing indicated in cases of inflammation, honey is a natural antibiotic, so, a cup of chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey (at least twice a day) is already a good remedy to relieve the suffering related to pain throat.

The Vitamin C is another ally against the cold; in fact, it increases the body’s resistance and helps to decrease the duration of illness. Green light, therefore, to freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit, kiwis or a squeeze of lemon with a teaspoon of honey! These fruits are rich in vitamin C, so it is very useful to consume at least two or three a day for colds.