Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease characterized by insulin deficiency , which is a hormone secreted by the pancreas and which turns the glucose into energy. Hyperglycemia (accumulation of glucose in the blood), cause damage to the organs and deprives us of the energy we need for our daily activities. Due to a ‘insufficient amount of insulin in the body, it is necessary the artificial administration . One speaks in this case of diabetes type 1 (autoimmune disease that causes destruction of cells in the pancreas that produce insulin) which usually occurs between 3 and 10 years.

While the most common form which covers 90% of cases are Type 2 diabetes, which affects overweight people or old age. Unfortunately, this disease is increasing worldwide, and WHO ( World Health Organization ) estimates that by the year 2025 is destined to double even compared to current rates. In Italy there are about 3 million people are affected by this disease, the trend is unfavorable to women, and more generally the elderly. Unfortunately it is a silent process and often has no symptoms net, such as immediately due to this disease, according to previous estimates at least a million people still do not know they have it. Having said this, let us see some useful tips on how to keep diabetes under control.


Since we are not dealing in a specific case, we will give the general advice and apply equally to everyone. Assuming that these rules and precautions are also valid for the people who are totally healthy, but not the other. That is, if a person in reasonable health adopting a diet recommended for diabetics can benefit from it, but if a person with diabetes adopt a common diet devoid of any measure, certainly will draw the damage.

Let us take a very balanced diet, that does not exclude completely the complex carbohydrates (defined good) such as rice, pasta and bread. While it should be rationed or excluded altogether the consumption of complex carbohydrates (defined bad) that is sugar, fructose, syrups, sweets. The insulin-dependent can also take sweets, due to the direct action of insulin, but always with the utmost restraint. People with diabetes type 2 instead have to limit or exclude alcohol, sweets, and how to contain high amounts of sucrose. In general you have to check the power level of calorie intake, then adopt a low-carbohydrate diet by avoiding foods that have a high hypoglycemic index (white rice, pasta, pizza, potatoes).

In the past, people with diabetes were subjected to a diet severe penalty that forced them to give up almost completely in sugars, carbohydrates, fruits, wine. Today, however, those which must be banned most are those high in fat, which damage the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, it is advisable to replace saturated fats, such as butter, with l ‘ olive oil. Should also be the favorite foods, because their release is more gradual and will not increase your blood sugar as it does for white bread or pasta, and give a greater sense of satiety. Ultimately there is no diet that works for everyone. Any person affected by diabetes should consult a financial expert, who will study for him a proper diet and the right amount of medication. But remember that regular activity physics (at least three times a week) helps to improve the quality of life and often lowers the amount of insulin to be taken, of course, also reduces your calorie intake, and contributes to physical and mental well being of each . In this portal you will find advice to size.