The proteins are essential elements of the human body . They are important for the skin, hair, bones, hormones, muscles, enzymes and the immune system. A Scarcity implies therefore of serious imbalances. From the chemical point of view it is of compounds organic complexes, consisting of chains of amino acids, that follow a dynamic cycle at the end of which are demolished and synthesize, in the so-called protein turnover. This does mean that you need to constantly replenish the body of these elements in the diet and now we will see how it is possible to consume more protein.

Almost all foods contain protein, in larger or smaller amounts: to increase the intake is therefore sufficient to follow a certain diet. The food programs with a high protein content are indicated especially for athletes, because these compounds, together with a constant exercise, facilitate the formation and strengthening of muscle mass. The daily requirement of an adult person corresponds to 0.75 g of protein per kg of weight. However, some people (like pregnant women) and some stages of life (the first six months) need a different protein, which should be calculated according to other parameters.


The foods that contain a lot of protein are: milk and cheese, which contain from 38 (parmesan) to 25 g (Emmenthal) of protein per 100 g of product; derivatives of soybeans , 36 g (but isolated soy protein goes so far to 87 g), meats and sausages, from 38 (bacon) to 23 g (beef steak), eggs, especially if powder, 51 g; fish, from 62 (salted cod) and 20 g (fish) , pulses, from 26 (lentils) to 19 g (chickpeas). Instead they are almost or entirely without sugar, oils, plenty of fruits and alcoholic beverages. There are distinctions in the quality: the source foods containing animal proteins of high biological value, that is already complete with everything needed by the body. Foods of plant origin contain protein instead of a lower value because they lack some of the essential elements . However, it is easy to work around this problem by combining together multiple foods.

In addition to the diet can increase the intake of proteins with different types of supplements, which are also used mainly by sportsmen. It is prepared in powder derived mainly from foods already mentioned (egg white, milk, soy). very positive aspects of these remedies are the convenience of preparation and storage. But be careful, because too much protein cause serious damage to our body: too many calories that are not being used as energy can be transformed into adipose tissue and excessive work of synthesis of the protein can strain the kidneys. In general, you should not take more than double the recommended daily protein requirement.