The contact lenses are medical devices made ​​of plastic material. They apply to the ocular surface and are used to correct defects in refraction , that is, hyperopia, astigmatism and myopia . Their use is very advantageous in the newspaper, but also for a more drinker. For example for a specific task such as sports. Proper maintenance
of the same is essential to preserve its functionality. Proper storage and lens cleaning extends the life of the same and above ensures maximum safety for the eyes. Clean the soft contact lens is essential to avoid unpleasant infections in the eyes, but how? There are many products that are recommended. A good rule is to consult with your optician, who will give important tips on the specific product . Let’s see now, through this guide very simple and intuitive, with short and clear steps, how to clean soft contact lenses.

how to clean

First step essential to clean the lenses contact soft is to gently remove them from the eye. You must, in fact, proceed to clean the lenses as soon as you stop using them. Not to contaminate it, you need to wash your hands and then proceed with care, lens for lens. Cleaning with the appropriate solution recommended by the optician confidence (it is best to be wary of products “commercial”). The solution you have to rub it in the lens directly with your finger.

After cleaning a first lens for removing makeup residue or the various substances that the eye produces, you should rinse thoroughly lenses, without haste. This process makes it possible to wash away all the impurities, which could generate future infections in the eye. The watchword in this circumstance, then, is “patience.” Proper lens cleaning prevents health complications of your eye.

After rubbed the solution and rinse the lens, you have to place it carefully in the lens case. Previously checked and if necessary clean. After placing both lenses, as an additional preventative measure, put two drops of solution for lens: in this way the solution will disinfect even more – where there any were needed – the lenses. Depending on the type of lens used, the disinfectant must act for a number of hours, before granting the use of the lenses themselves .