For anyone who is a carrier of a rack cabinet, it is very important to understand how to clean, so that we can keep in good condition over time . Although in recent years more and more people resort to dental implants rather than dentures to replace missing teeth, do not forget that there are still many people who use dentures and very often commit many errors in the daily maintenance of it. The bacteria, plaque and tartar lurk even on implants and dentures . It is therefore necessary to clean the dentures every day to prevent inflammation and mushrooms to the mucous membranes and to protect the remaining teeth from caries and periodontitis. With a few simple steps and above all of this guide I will explain, as clear and understandable as possible, how to clean your dentures.


First of all purchased one toothbrush suitable for dentures ; ask your dentist where buy one in your town. With this clean your dentures thoroughly and in its entirety. In particular, use a toothbrush to dentures and a soap or a product for the dishes with neutral pH. Never use toothpaste as it may scratch the prosthesis, leading to more or less severe.

Addition, to better understand the methodology and clean dentures, was carried out a study specific, where are deduced three different methods to sanitize the dental prosthesis : one with water, one with soap and one with pasta for dentures. The study demonstrated that the most effective way to clean the dentures is to use the pasta special for dentures, purchased from any supermarket. It should also be specified that the food residues tend to pinch especially in lower dentures and therefore they should be cleaned carefully and meticulously to remove them.

Check dentures when dry: the colors are whitish to indicate that the denture was not cleaned well. Calcification and tartar can be removed by soaking the dentures for one or two hours in a solution of 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 power of water. From time to time it would be appropriate to sanitize your dentures or false teeth with an ultrasound device, bringing it to the dentist. Even the hooks of the prosthesis and the remaining teeth should be cleaned with appropriate tools.