The cleaning of the ears seem a trivial and obvious thing to do, but it’s very important, especially in children. Many mothers, however, do not always know how to make this type of cleaning perfectly to their children, especially for fear of causing pain or damage to hearing. With this brief and quick guide we will see faster ways to do it, whether it be a child’s small enough that most big boy. Come quickly to see how to clean the ears of our children.

If our son is very small, we know that it is also delicate, so we have to put a lot of care in our movements. What we need in this case is simply a gauze that will have to be soaked or with saline, or even with mere water. Once wet we must use it to clean than the outer part of the ear also the inner edge. Then dry it all to avoid unpleasant infections.


If it is instead of a child who has more than one year of age can go to also use the well-known sticks (the ones we use ourselves adults). To do this, however, we must be sure that the child is very calm and there is a risk that face sudden movements during cleaning. To avoid this kind of problem, just go to the pharmacy and ask for a particular type of cotton swab (made for the cleaning of our children), which have the two outer parts made ​​in such a way as to prevent the stick can fit completely in ‘ear. Any type of cotton swab that we are going to use is still recommended that it is always wet as in step 1.

If we can not use chopsticks in a quiet way, and there is even enough to use the gauze, we can (always in pharmacy) find sprays made ​​for the cleaning of the ears. These once sprayed, make that after a few minutes the wax inside melts, thus escaping from the ear canal. Of course, these three techniques, as well as the age of our children, depend on mainly because it is able to remain still and not getting scared of the cleaning, so I always recommend that you first try with gauze (even if older than one year) and then try it, always with the utmost caution, to use the cotton swab mentioned in the second step so as to be quieter.