A periodic check of view should always be done. In fact, if we see good in appearance, there may be inside our eye problems “silent”, which would, in time, to disorders very important. That said, let’s go to the eye when we notice generally declines evident in the view or simply when we realize that we do not distinguish so well making it difficult to read the letters. Almost always the doctor he prescribes contact lenses or glasses from having to carry on his sign. The specialist marks the diopter missing and we just have to make up the shortfall by purchasing from a professional optical lens. Once there, we realize that then, is not exactly a walk choose the right glasses for a variety of reasons . Now we will try to clarify and understand how best to choose the lenses for eyeglasses .


The first tip is to ask for directions to your eye doctor : probably dispense some advice useful, the type of lenses to be taken. Today most lenses used are those in resin, because lighter and more resistant to scratches.

Other factors to consider and need to determine the final choice , are our needs. If we are forced to stay only a short drive is recommended as anti-glare lenses that allow for optimum vision especially in the presence of night lights. For the daytime, there are also those with nuances that facilitate the calculation of the distances in the street.

Photochromic lenses, suitable for those who need to also bring sunglasses, for example those who suffer from allergies and conjunctivitis , the eye becomes more sensitive to light because of the disorder. These are in fact normal glasses that change color as the light gradually, until it became completely dark.

Progressive lenses instead, they replaced the two pairs of glasses that first sighted were forced to lug around. In fact, these types of lenses are unique and are used to correct visual defects by both distance and near, thanks to its progressiveness. Although very practical, present, at first, difficult to fit, but they will be easily overcome.

Lenses generation and in step with the times are the office , designed specifically for those who work at the PC is that you are farsighted that presbyopic. The main feature is that the field of view is wider, but do not allow the distance vision, then are purely from work.

Analyzed the part technique, it remains of course the aesthetic, purely subjective. The visible part of the more obvious the frame, an item which has a great influence on the final then, reinvigorate depending on your pockets. The advice is to take into account the shape of your face and colors that suit you most in your appearance. In addition, rely on competing brands in eyeglasses and care of your eyes.