Thin is one of the thoughts of many people fixed, but not the only people who are overweight, but also of those people who just want to burn a little fat to have a toned body . To burn fat more hurry just pay attention to our habits and figure out what are the things that make us accumulate kg too much.

When you want to lose weight the first thing you think of is to do a lot of physical activity, which is not something that is bad for our body , in fact beyond to make us burn as many calories , which are the main cause of kg too much, do exercise physical also helps us to tone and firm up our muscles . Doing exercise also helps us to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which helps us to be even better with our body, then train has to be one of our priorities, and we must increase the intensity of your workouts day after day. A very important exercise is to our health that to burn fat , you walk, walk at a fast pace especially helps us to burn a lot and if we feel we can choose a bit ‘of jogging every 5 -10 minute walk. More strive our body burn more calories, of course we should not overdo it, we must listen to our bodies when we are very tired and remember to drink plenty of water during your workout.


The swimming helps to burn as many calories, is a complete sport that makes us put in motion the muscles of the whole body. It is preferable to do outdoor training, work outside the home helps to burn more calories, it will be on the air pure or to the sun, but it helps to eliminate a greater number of calories, perhaps because we walk faster.

To burn fat more quickly enough to adopt the small strategies , for example, move your arms as you walk more to burn about 15% more calories walking on different terrains from tarmac road, beach and grass type that are uneven surfaces helps us to burn more because we need more muscle power. walking We can also put a jacket if it is very hot, in this way increases the temperature of our body and therefore eliminate more calories. But for fat burning too much, you do not need only physical training but also proper nutrition. The first thing to do is not to skip meals, we must do the three main meals plus the snack mid-morning and afternoon snack , obviously trying not to make any of the three main meals very abundant, we must not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, which helps to eliminate toxins, even green tea no longer be an ally for us to lose weight.

The first thing to do is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, the classic vegetable soups are perfect to feed ourselves without overdoing the calories, fruit is very important, we can either eat it as a snack at breakfast, we prefer white meat and limit the consumption of sweets , red meat, cheese and even alcohol. Foods to add to our diet to get back into shape are: broccoli, grapefruit, apples and pears that we find throughout the year, are good and are filling fast, low-fat yogurt and chili that speeds up your metabolism. instead Foods to be avoided are bologna, mayonnaise, pastry, pistachio, chocolate, nutshell, sandwich biscuits, nuts, wafers, biscuits and butter. The last thing to remember is that the results do not come immediately, so the first thing that must not fail to ‘ beginning of this path is the willingness to go ahead and do not let go.