Sometimes we make gestures in an automatic way, such as carrying our hands to his mouth and eat the nails, or torment your lips and other small gestures that are listed just as “bad habits“. And how many times you’ve said “stop” but then after a short stop, everything came back as before. If this is our framework, then we may need some tips on how to break a bad habit.

The first thing to do is to take note that you have a bad habit, recognizing this is definitely a step towards awareness. Accepting a wrong behavior is also a sign of maturity, but instead to pretend not to see it and ignore it as if it did not exist, as well as wrong is also harmful. The bad habits are usually some sort of automatic behaviors that come from our unconscious, which in turn tries to tell a sort of malaise that dwells within us. To try to remove us from these habits, we should make a sort of examination of conscience and evaluate how effectively we are willing to engage them farther apart.


If our bad habit is smoking too many cigarettes, that we should try not to create situations or encourage them. Let’s take an example, if we habituation to smoke a cigarette during a break from work, in this case we should not do is avoid making the break, or make it much shorter than usual. Maybe we use this opportunity to have a chat with a colleague who unlike us do not smoke. If you’re used to smoke a lot more than we need to leave the house with a package that contains only half of the cigarettes , so we could get used to slowly reduce smoking. We always keep on hand a packet of chewing gum, when the desire for a cigarette is pressing, put a rubber in your mouth.

But if our problem is to eat up the nails in this case we could give them a hand out of clear nail polish. This glaze is made ​​with the use of substances which, in contact with our mouth, they release a really unpleasant taste, designed to deter precisely this bad habit .

Whereas if our bad habit is to eat constantly, in this case we could replace all those foods with high calorie vegetables hard to chew, such as carrots, fennel or celery. We always keep in the fridge at one of these vegetables and when hunger attacks us we should not do is take one and begin to chew. The structure of these vegetables will ensure that at least for a certain period of time we may feel satiated and satisfied. Eliminate bad habits you can, what matters is fielding all our willpower striving its utmost to obtain good results then. To have a greater incentive, we might have a deadline, if during the period predestined we can do without bad habits, then we can grant us a little recognition.