The pharmacy assistant activities are diverse, which does not require precise knowledge of pharmacology, under the control and responsibility of the pharmacist or pharmacist federal graduates. Pharmacy Assistant Programs manages the assortment, recommends and sells medicines, sanitary, dietetic products for infants and beauty products and body care. It also performs administrative and laboratory work.

Manages the entire range of products on sale in the pharmacy: medicines, natural remedies, chemicals, sanitary items, baby food, cosmetics and body care products for home care and more, depending on the specialization the workshop. Daily checks the stock and shall carry out the orders of products and various medicines from manufacturers or wholesalers. controls the arrival of the goods, apply the labels with an indication of the price on the package, place the products on the shelves or in drawers the pharmacy.

In the pharmacy welcomes guests, recommends and sells various products. According to the recipes prepared medicament provided here to the dosage prescribed by the doctor on the labels that apply to individual packages, then inserts the data into the computer and, after verification by the pharmacist, the medication delivery to customers. In the limit of its powers, advises customers and gives the necessary explanations, therefore has a good knowledge of the various products, medicines and substances. It must also be able to know their own limits of competence and in the case of complex requests turns to the pharmacist.


The assistant performs well, always under the supervision of the pharmacist, simple laboratory work, such as: preparing syrups and lotions, distribute preparations in sachets, bottles or jars, attach them with an indication of the composition and dosage, is also within its jurisdiction the order and cleanliness of lab equipment. Well you look after various office tasks: prepare business letters and invoices, handles mailings, update, and manage files of customers, insurance companies, suppliers, etc. The stock management, invoicing and various administrative tasks are generally performed with computer systems.