The question many people are asking is whether yoga can really help them overcome the stress . The answer is simple and positive as it is scientifically proven that yoga with its control techniques of body and mind can be used as a therapy to combat and eliminate stress daily with significant benefits. Here then is a guide on how to beat stress with yoga.

There is much evidence that yoga can have benefits for people in stressful situation and is becoming very popular in Western countries, as severe forms can be extremely debilitating for people who may be too troublesome impacts physical, psychological and emotional due own stress. Yoga then lets you control your body with the techniques based mainly on breathing and muscle relaxation.


Our nervous system is composed of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. The latter is the one that controls our daily bodily functions, so if we want to reduce stress, we need to act to remedy. The only problem is that the two states act simultaneously and in harmony in our body so, do not realize it, and above all we can not control them in any way. However, yoga has an answer and a method to do it. The diaphragm, the muscle that normally we use to breathe we can also change it in the rhythms and functions through breath control. If we practice models specific breathing called Ramayana in yoga, we can in fact get that slowdown and the need to control that allows our mind and body to benefit tremendously.

A simple way to adopt the technique of Ramayana yoga which allows us to control your breathing is to lie on the floor or on the bed, and close your eyes. At this point we inhale by contracting simultaneously inflate the abdomen and the chest. While holding the air for a few seconds, and then exhale gradually so that the technique is well applied. If the method is repeated at least five times a day, maybe in the evening before going to sleep, we will succeed thanks to yoga to face our days in a more relaxing way. This is the true strength of an anti-stress technique simple but effective yoga called.