Insomnia is a common problem for many people doing the small hours, trying to speed up the desire to sleep watching TV until late at night or surfing the internet with the hope of falling asleep. Such things do nothing but worsen the state of suffering in which we find. The problems of insomnia can be overcome with changes in behavior and relaxation techniques, and absolutely from this point of view there is nothing better than practicing yoga. The latter fact is a practice that many people use to bring relaxation and tranquility to their body. Let us see in this guide how to overcome insomnia with yoga.

There are some yoga positions that you can safely implement to bed. The first is called laying upside down. This is really easy, you have to do is sit in front of the wall with the rear of about six inches away from it. The legs must be lifted against the wall, in the position that is most comfortable.


In order for this position yields benefits must remain there for about two minutes. You can also close your eyes and breathe deeply focusing on the yoga technique of breathing to optimize their specific exercise. This is a great method that leads to the relaxation body and a consequent desire to lie down on the bed and sleep. The winding with twist down is another pose which is quite easy to do. Just sit cross-legged and put your right hand on your left knee and your left hand behind your tailbone. With a twist to the left gaze instinctively goes in that direction and at the same time you have to breathe deeply. Another yoga position that facilitates relaxation to go to sleep and then fight insomnia is to sit down with the coccyx on the heels . At this point you have to draw the body forward and rest your head on the floor, then lower your chest as close as possible to the knees and hold the position for at least two minutes and breathe.

Insomnia is a very common disease in the human body that sooner or later hits a little ‘all throughout their lives. Doing a few exercises yoga helps the body to adjust and relax it to allow you to find the right way to fall asleep faster and better. Yoga is in fact, primarily a practice that helps to control your breathing and clears the mind of all thoughts, especially before going to sleep.