There are people who need urgent talk about human relationships, as are unpleasant to others, for this or that feature.

Personality is a clear factor in the behavior of living things, so any action is a product of nature.Some people are very nice, usually fall well and are quite dear, better known as sweet blood, and that everyone sympathizes and there are other less pleasant personalities, which people usually are afraid or do not feel confident or worse, feel pain of having her around. Obviously when the latter occurs, it is because something is wrong and it is the responsibility of that person and find out what to change.

Sometimes a person may believe it should be and does not care about the rest, but that is wrong, because the consequences can be very unpleasant for that person when the time comes that you need from others.Neither power nor money, nor social or racial status is reason to feel superior, as always in life things vary and could be very radical changes. The fact that personality is dominant does not mean that you can not make a little effort and change those attitudes nasty with a series of simple practices.


Hello and goodbye

No less a person than a greeting or otherwise respond to the greeting. Those who see a person who does not normally think greets believed superior, but is someone elementary and uneducated, rude and unfriendly. The sample also leave a person’s education.

Please ask for and give thanks

When you need a favor, no one is obliged to do, so if a person is granted a favor by doing an act that should be gracious and grateful cordially requested, otherwise neither that person nor do they want to testify a favor and never leaves injured who is the person himself.


If you are in the workplace, at home, on the street, school, university, etc. must serve people with respect and kindness. A shirred and unfriendly person becomes very unpleasant and you will likely receive some offense from someone who does not like that kind of attitude and have a discussion and you better be courteous to others to avoid such things.

Remember that:

* One does not like to not return the greeting
* Nobody is to blame for the conflicts that have
* Nobody likes to deal with rude people
* There is always someone worse than make you a hard time
* Sometimes it takes people less expected
* Just as they feel to others, someone else will feel the person
* No one is obliged to do anything for one and if they do it is an act of good faith
* Someone will always unfriendly criticism and be surrounded by people who hate it
* Loneliness chases the rude
* Being picky is not bad, and to be frank, but be pedantic and arrogant self
* Everyone’s turn