It would be more accurate to define these traumas “distractions and muscle ruptures, but I prefer to stick to the more current name, especially since the strains and sprains are one of the most frequent changes while in the cases of the disease sports, with all the variations depending on the type of sport practiced. below on how to avoid muscle strain.

A part of the way of manifestation of the disorder, the nature of the lesion is always the same: a bundle of more or less numerous muscle fibers that tear because violently stretched, strained, urged to lengthen. If the fibers are few, it is called distraction or stretching; though many of partial rupture or tear, if you hit a large part or all of the muscle, breaking total. At the same time and in the order they occur stretch marks, tearing, ripping the fascia, which is the fascia that surrounds the muscle and acts as a sheath.

Not everyone agrees on the mechanism of onset, but the most likely explanation is that an error in the nervous mechanism of the movement, so when an agonist muscle contracts, its antagonist must be released, the first contracting it shortens, the second disciplinarian stretches, but it may be that the former is shortened so quickly and suddenly nervous reflex mechanism that does not make mistakes and release the antagonist in time, and here the problems begin: the point of impact will have to form a scar, then resting muscle still , in fact, the strains heal with plenty of rest and adequate medical care, it is important to immediately apply an ice bag to stop the bleeding and an elastic bandage .


To avoid these annoying and problematic issues is appropriate that anyone is going to practice or perform a physical exercise, beginning with the heating of the body, which consists in the slow movements of the whole body, with bending of the lower and upper limbs , hops on site or running in place, shaking of the entire musculature system, the trunk, the head always accompanied by adequate respiration, the latter plays an important role both for heating during the exercises themselves, as bringing more oxygen to the lungs eliminates a higher amount of carbon dioxide , and respiratory oxygen-rich equates to more health and energy.