Diet is a very important aspect, even and especially when you work full time, is to not gain weight is to safeguard our health. Many people eat as little as possible or do not eat anything, always in a hurry to get back to work. Others are convinced that skipping lunch helps maintain the line. But this way of thinking is wrong because skipping meals does not help us lose weight. Most often it is likely to get super hungry at the next meal , and this is counterproductive. It is good to know that our body is like a clock, not absorbing the nutrients needed for survival, lowers metabolism to the minimum levels , causing greater assimilation in the next meal. To say nothing of the hardships that are created as: dizziness, poor concentration, slowed reflexes, poor memory, irritability and aggression which are essential to be able to do our work. If we look for a meal fleeting, definitely eat a sandwich for lunch there will fatten up. The important thing is to know to choose; the ideal would prepare at home before going to work, but if you do not find the time, to settle for a simple sandwich , avoiding various sauces and preferring of dried beef , turkey, grilled vegetables, that certainly we will avoid getting fat. To get more tips on how to avoid gaining weight during the lunch break we follow this guide.

lunch break

An alternative might be to look for a bar, a restaurant or any place where they make the rich salads (do not be groped by salads with in too many things, enough green ones with the addition of ham) and a nibble, take-out and eat when you have time (it only takes 10 minutes, you do not mess !!!) or a flat bread with tomato and mozzarella or a sandwich with parmesan, bresaola and arugula; it is obvious that a salad is not enough to silence us the stomach! And then they come to our aid snacks.

It is preferable to choose snacks with fresh fruit or yogurt and snacks and junk like! I know that at first might seem like a torture, but after a while ‘you resize your stomach and you will see that the sense of hunger will return to normal levels. Obviously the advice of a nutritionist is the best choice, because it helps you and teaches you to eat by creating a diet tailored to your needs, requirements and habits. Something very important, even fundamental, is the movement! For those who have the time (and energy) a run, even in the evening, before dinner is a godsend for the physical, otherwise a nice walk with friends, girl, dog, short, with those who prefer the important thing is not idle never!