Depression is a serious illness that can affect work, family and social development of a person.

Due to its severity, depression should not be ignored and hidden. It is important to know the symptoms and the causes to know what you should avoid. Anyone can at some point in their lives experience a sad and depressing. Depression is a normal human reaction associated with a loss, mixed with the tumult of daily life or with a troubled love life. Almost always accompanied by a feeling of sadness, but sometimes this is not so. If it becomes persistent can lead to seizures. Diseases of the nervous system are very serious and that is why it is important not to them without the right help when you can not be handled by yourself. Getting help is not only normal, but also some of the most necessary.

Symptoms of depression

Here are some of the symptoms of depression:

* Sadness
* Lack of energy
* Hopelessness
* Lack of enthusiasm
* Difficulty in concentration
* Uncontrollable crying
* Headaches , other unexplained aches and itches
* Need to sleep much or conversely, not sleeping at all
* Loss of appetite and weight


These are just some of the symptoms of depression and should never be ignored if you notice in yourself or someone close.

The causes of depression

What causes depression? Actually there is a single source. This is a complex disease that can occur as a result of multiple causes. Depression can also be transmitted between people who are close to each other, for influence. There is evidence that people with depression have changes in the brain. There is also evidence to explain how depression can also be genetic. Children whose parents are affected by depression or parents whose children suffer from chronic depression are more likely to be affected by the disease themselves. To try to prevent depression, it is best to know very well. Although this disease is that there is always treated, can be difficult to avoid once you go into a melancholic state . The best way to prevent a new crisis after a chronic depression is to keep your eyes open to their symptoms and their causes. And also, of course, with professional help whenever necessary.