I have asked myself the question: Why are some of her body to create shape, lose weight or build muscle, and others do not?

We live in the information age. There are countless magazines about building muscle and burning fat, and there are even more websites. One would think that with all the wealth of information everyone is lean and muscular.

But the fact is: Germany is getting fatter. In this article I want to introduce the 3 basic rules of successful body contouring, which form the foundation of my opinion. Whether the ambitious muscle training or simple weight-loss diets. If these basic rules observed, the success nothing stands in the way. Here we go:

Principle # 1 – Focus

Through the media, magazines and the number of websites you get a wealth of information. They are blessing and a curse. Blessing, because you can draw on almost unlimited information resources. Curse because it is distracted and can only select hard to know which information is correct and effective.

The biggest danger in my experience in the distraction. Driven by the desire slim, to be muscular and attractive, many look for a quick and easy solution. We are bombarded with countless advertisements. When it was decided in this variety for a way perhaps not achieved the desired results, you will be easily seduced by the next method.

Principle # 2 – perseverance

Focus and perseverance are two skills you can learn. They require a lot of discipline. I would not hide at this point. Perseverance is important to stay true to his method. The longer and more intense one is dealing with an issue, the greater the focus, and thus the probability of success. It is crucial that you look at completely normal plateaus can not bring calm and carry on. From experience I know that not everything always goes according to plan. There will be in any diet days when the scale is not moving. And there will be months when no one gram of muscle. It says be patient and not lose focus. Those who manage to overcome this very stagnant phases will be rewarded with a great body.


Principle # 3 – fun

Rounding out the trio is the component of fun. I freely admit that it is not always easy to be focused and to stay. Therefore, I recommend everyone to enjoy on the body shaping develop. This rule is neglected by many newspapers and magazines, but decided on the long-term success of all training efforts.

Let me tell you why:

When one makes the decision to eat more healthily, or to move a little more, often the attractive body is paramount. As it says but goes: “The journey is the destination! The initial motivation keeps on unrealistic projects very shortly. Hence, one should put the focus on a diet or training method that is personally challenging and fun to play.

A small example:

Strength training is undoubtedly one of the best ways to shape the entire body. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to do strength training or simply has no options to do so. Will be through strict training requirements but forced to his good fortune, you quickly lose interest in it. It can then be spoken of perseverance hardly.

It is much better to address the individual needs of your own body and ask yourself: “What form of exercise I enjoy?” This may for example be swimming or even tennis. Maybe Zumba. The same I transfer to the diet. Here we ask ourselves: “What I like to eat and what foods to lead me to the goal?” Then cross out all that is “bad.”

Final words

If you want to lose a few pounds or build some muscle, then these 3 basic rules are firmly anchored into the consciousness. It is not difficult to lose weight. You just have less calories cause is needed as the body. Build muscle, it is similar. Here you have to expose his body only a steadily increasing muscle stimulation through more training weight.