The sense of hearing is what allows us to perceive the form of sounds and noises , the sound waves that reach our body, distinguishing and even managing to perceive the direction of origin . Depending on the shape of the wave coming in, we will have the stamp of that particular sound, that will make us understand the source that emits it.
We can then define the hearing as one of the fundamental ways that allow us to move autonomously in the environment ( together with the view).

E ‘therefore of primary importance to control this sense, to be able to identify gaps and to be able to remedy in time. The loss of hearing is defined technical term hearing loss , and in many cases the person who suffers from it does not notice right away to have this problem. Most of the time the determining factor is the ‘advanced age, usually over 65 years or so 30% of people suffer from it, but can be other causes, including one of the most frequent is repeated exposure to loud noise, but also some bacterial or viral infections, certain drugs (such ototoxic), trauma, injury nervous, and of course the conditions of congenital deafness .


However, we can monitor the state of health of our ears, simply paying attention to some particular conditions, so that we can in a short time become aware of the presence of any potential problems. Let’s see how it is possible, for our part, do a little ‘of prevention. Firstly, we should be able to analyze our understanding speech, for example, if someone speaks to us and we struggle to understand what he is saying, or if you notice an increase in the need let us repeat the phrases, maybe it can be a signal of alarm. This problem, in the subject with hearing loss increases when supporting a dialogue in a more noisy, as can happen in the middle of traffic, or in the confusion of a market.

Another sign to check is the ‘increased tone of voice by the same person, in which case others will let us note that we are alzandone intensity, although we do not seem at all to what Attention then raise the volume an appliance “speaking” as the television or the radio, or the ringing of the telephone. Sometimes hearing loss is also accompanied by whistles persistent, similar to a hum, that we perceive in the ear, tinnitus, which can be very annoying .

In the case Stallman the occurrence of one or more of the situations described above, it is possible to ascertain the presence of a hearing deficiency by specific tests , such as the audiometry , which informs us about the level of hearing ability, to control the duct auditory, l audio gram, which measures the frequencies perceived by the ear, the tympanist, to analyze how they work tympanic membranes. should be emphasized the fact that in most cases the hearing loss tends to deterioration, it is better to diagnose the most early as possible, to prevent it from becoming worse and so that treatment may act to thereby obtain better and more effective therapeutic results.