The Dukan diet is very popular among the Hollywood stars because it manages to make you lose weight in a short time and following this diet you can have a good maintenance. It was invented by a French nutritionist, Pierre Dukan. Its main feature is that it works through a rich source of proteins , and foods such as meat, fish, eggs, but is low in carbohydrates , and other items which are necessary in a complete diet. With this diet triggers stimulation of the metabolism which causes it to burn a lot of calories, fat and even eating without hunger.

The diet is divided into 4 phases. The first phase is called the “attack” because there is literally an attack on the previous diet with a massive amount of protein . This is the stage in which you can lose more weight because thanks to the proteins there is a greater sense of satiety while they are burned calories . It lasts a week and meals should be rich liquid (lots of water but also herbal teas, tea, etc..) and low-fat cheese: the cheese is lower in fat in absolute ricotta. The phase should not last more than a week and should be low salt and oil. You can still use other spices (vinegar, lemon juice, pepenero, onion, garlic, etc.).


In the second stage we must add moderate amounts of vegetables (spinach, broccoli, chicory, lettuce, chard, peppers, tomatoes, etc..) to match with meat and fish. This phase is considered as a detachment from the bombardment of proteins of the previous stage. This will add minerals, vitamins, fiber, not to mention the diuretic and cleansing of the liver. There are some exceptions (potatoes, corn and artichokes) because they contain carbohydrates that are not included at this stage.

In the third stage, you can begin adding fruits, low-fat cheeses and foods with starch and if you also want a cake. At this point you will notice that the pounds will be the almost gone. The duration of this phase is based precisely on the pounds lost: just count 10 days for every pound lost (for example, 2 pounds lost the duration is 20 days). You can also add carbohydrates, vegetables, pasta, rice or potatoes, but only 2 times a week. You can also reward yourself with a day “free from the diet,” but for one day a week you need to follow the diet of the attack phase.

The last step is the one that lasts a lifetime and where you return to the diet of always remembering to put oat bran in the diet, eat for one day a week of sun and proteins do move for half an hour a day to avoid the weight shoot with interest. The Dukan diet must be followed under strict medical supervision and only if you are in optimal health because it can cause side effects such as nausea, headache, irritability, fatigue and problems with diarrhea or constipation. It is not recommended for those suffering from kidney pathology or persons in the growth phase. Remember: The rule to follow is that the diet should be done always with the advice of an expert dietician or nutritionist .