When we are called to office work, you have to take into account the many hours spent on the curved headboard and nailed to the chair without making any kind of movement . Here’s a mid-morning you can present the pains spread out a little bit to the level of the back, sore wrists not to mention the possibility that there can be inflated legs due to too much inactivity. But there are ways to do physical exercises that allow us to stretch a bit joints? Let’s see how you can do yoga in office.

Keeping fit is very important for a variety of factors ranging from the healthy to the psychological. Let’s see a few rules to keep in mind during our stay in office. It is logical that the movements and exercises that we are going to make will all be proportionate, nothing dramatic but only small movements well calibrated. We begin immediately by saying that to go up in our office, we should start taking the stairs and forget the presence of the lift, this move will allow us to gain a little bit at a time the elasticity that we need.


Let’s quickly the exercise that we can perform even while sitting at your desk . If you are sitting in front of your PC, settle very well on the chair and assume a comfortable position, bring your arms now in a position outside and immediately behind the back , join hands and hold this position for a few minutes. Check that your breathing is slow and quiet. You could do this easy exercise whenever you feel the need.

We continue with yoga Office, with the next exercise. We bring the arms behind his back, his palms are facing your back, what matters in this simple exercise is breathing, but then all yoga is focused on this important action. Returning to exercise, begin to breathe deeply but always with a lot of calm and tranquility . This exercise is useful for attenuating the body and mind any kind of stress . Of course you will be free to repeat the exercises in the series of five displaced in the course of the working day in order to unlock the energies loosening considerably even stress. If you have a lunch break, then you can take advantage this moment to perform the exercises with a little more peace and quiet.