Contraceptive methods, by the administration of hormones to the female body, prevent pregnancy.

Nowadays Both men and women can enjoy an active sex life, we partner or not, avoiding pregnancy effective way. For this we have many contraceptive system, which can be used by both men and for women. Generally fall into two types: barrier contraceptives or hormones. The hormone makes the female body has a number of hormones similar to those during pregnancy is that the eggs are not fertilized. All hormonal contraceptives are for women and none protect against sexually transmitted diseases. These methods must be provided, recommended and supervised by a gynecologist.


The Pill

The Pill, The first female contraceptive method in circulation 50 years ago, Contains the hormones estrogen and progestin. Has to be taken for 21 days of the menstrual cycle to prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg, then pause for about seven days to coincide with menstruation, after which begins the new cycle. Take it correctly has an efficiency of 99.9%. This percentage may be reduced if we suffer vomiting.

Intrauterine device D.I.U.

The D.I.U. is placed inside the uterus by a gynecologist and releases a small amount of hormones that prevent a woman from getting pregnant. Is T-shaped, so it also called Copper-T, but can also be Progestasert. The first is used for a period of 6 to 8 years and the second for 1 year. Its effectiveness is 97%, as the tips of the IUD Contain some amount of copper that prevent sperm from fertilizing the egg.

Contraceptive patch

This is a small patch beige, very discreet, to be placed on the skin and hair clean and changed every week. Be used for three weeks, leaving the fourth without applying it to restart the cycle. Releases through the skin, the same hormones that the pill does not decrease its effectiveness in case of vomiting. It has an effectiveness of 99% and is less likely to forgetfulness.

Contraceptive Implant

It is a long-term contraceptive method, between 3 and 5 years, with an efficiency of 99%. It is one or two rods, smaller than a match, to be placed, by a doctor through an incision below the skin on the inside of the arm. Progestaseno releases throughout the period of its use, after which you have to remove and, if desired, place another. Can be removed before the end of that period, when women want.

Monthly Ring

The monthly ring is a contraceptive method to be placed once a month inside the vagina and allows neglect the risk of pregnancy during that period. This is a plastic ring of 5 cm in diameter, transparent, flexible, soft, ultra hormone levels remains low and constant, with an efficiency of 99.7%.