Manuka honey is nature’s gift to men. Their properties can cure Asthma, heart problems, tuberculosis and many more.

Honey has been considered a delicacy for thousands of years, but as a gift of nature to us also of substances rather we do. It can be used from relaxing and healing to get to get in a good mood and makes you think optimistically and why not? Perhaps you do both make sweet honey.

Components of honey

Honey has sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, glucose, fructose, magnesium, manganese, potassium, protein, vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, PP and iron. It is healthier to consume these nutrients from a natural source supplements in pill form.


The first was the Egyptians consume, about 4,000 years before Christ. What is even more amazing is that you can still eat! Honey never expires and that is another property that makes it very beneficial for us.In ancient Rome when a young man would marry gave a glass of honey a month before he had married for energy and might have children soon, hence the origin of the “Honeymoon“. At present the major honey producers are Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

Types of honey

Honey type properties making plant which bees obtain pollen. If the bees used the plant pollen rosemary honey properties will rosemary plant.

Orange blossom honey

The taste of this honey is soft and fine. An excellent honey for those looking to relax and unwind. Very good for sweetening coffee instead of sugar.


Eucalyptus Honey

It is distinguished by its aroma and refreshing taste. Ideal for problems with coughing and throat. Also recommended for urinary tract infections or kidney stones.

Honey Mint

It has a strong flavor and is very effective for digestive problems. It is also very useful when you want to clean and prevent infection in the throat.

Honey orange

This type of honey has a clear, yellowish coloration. Perfect for nerve problems and stress. Its properties are also the best honey to help sleep.

Rosemary Honey

The favorite among honey producers because of its extensive healing properties. If you choose the rosemary honey is due to choose the clearest. This honey is mainly useful for liver problems and asthma.

Infusions with Honey


It should entirely replace the use of sugar by natural bee honey and consume 100 grams of honey.


One way to combat asthma with honey is preparing an infusion of 10 spoons of honey, one tablespoon of wheat seed oil and a pint of water. It should integrate very well and then take that all day infusion.


A foolproof method is to prepare 500 grams of honey and 125 grams of flax per liter of boiled water. Once prepared as water taken normal throughout the day.


After intense physical activity is recommended to take two tablespoons of honey.

Heart Problems

It must squeeze ten lemons and mix with 750 grams of honey. Once this is due to put in a clean glass container and let stand a few minutes. Then he should take one tablespoon every six hours.


They must wash the wound well and then applied honey and covered with a clean cloth. Stop the bleeding quickly.


They must eat a tablespoon of honey before each meal until it’s gone to the trouble.


If you encounter a problem in the throat should take one tablespoon of honey every six hours.


What is recommended is to make a mixture of hot water, the juice of two large lemons and two tablespoons of honey. He should take it three times a day.


It should take two tablespoons of honey every time you feel that the cough will attack.


If you are dealing with this disease is due to take three tablespoons of honey medium in the morning, three at noon and three at night.