Homeopathy is just in the pediatrics and more popular. In the wake of increased health consciousness, many parents want your kids no longer immediate and often severe side effects to be rich orthodox medical drugs, but are looking for alternatives seem to be gentle for children and sustainable.

Developmentally, children often suffer with minor or major ailments. Newborns often have bloating and easily develop a fever or otitis media, when they teethe. In winter, the times quickly running nose and cough particularly at night tormented. In kindergarten must still weak immune defenses used to the many unfamiliar germs, and so is the bright offspring all too often an invalid chair. Finally coming to the classic childhood diseases, not just the young hopes, as soon as possible to be healthy again.


Then of course parents want nothing more than to help their child and take him to his illness. Here, homeopathy offers in most cases, rapid and above all without side effects remedy. In addition to homeopathy can not only treat the current disease, but the child as a whole will be strengthened and promoted.

The initial interview with children

The so-called history is more difficult in children than in adults. The Homoopath is found on the detailed description of the symptoms need to be the right remedy and that is where the problem lies. Children often can not even speak or very limited, and therefore difficult to give information about their condition. The doctor (in Austria, only trained doctors offer homeopathy!) On the infomation is usually the mother and they are dependent, especially in times of emotional tension, not always entirely objective. If possible, the child already at home watching very closely and are helpful notes on the state (frequency of symptoms that occurs when a deterioration or improvement, etc.) made. This detailed discussion takes a large part of the first visit to complete. Of course the child is also examined, but take what is relatively short.

Homeopathy for physical ailments

Typical physical symptoms small children who can be treated are:
¤Teething problems
¤Fever (also great!)
¤Middle ear infections

When the little soul suffers

Often behind the physical symptoms but mental causes no disease. Abdominal pain is a very common sign that the kids have a problem, it can not yet articulate. As adults, we can express ourselves, when we did “is in the stomach.” Children do not have that option, and accordingly it is difficult to respond. Even if we find the reason, it is often not possible for the child to explain why it need have no fear, for example.

Some exapmles for possible psychological causes are:
¤“Fidgety” infants
¤Fear of darkness

Homeopathic remedies act on the psyche and therefore help both children and their parents. Sometimes the children just reflect the anxiety of their parents. Therefore be not surprised if you also get the same means!

Complex means

In the pharmacies are found more often called “complex equipment”. These funds consist of several individual funds, which often fit to a specific disease (cough). Convinced homeopaths advise against it, however, have proven themselves in daily use as a first intervention. It is important to note, however, that these funds have a relatively high hit rate, but homeopathy is not ineffective simply because the corresponding complex means your child may not help. Homeopathic remedies should be tailored very precisely to the person concerned. What one can heal, have absolutely no effect on anyone else. So be careful if they have been recommended by friends or relatives a way only because it has helped their children. Homeopathy treats the whole person and not a single symptom, why does not this way of thinking in homeopathy. Let us recommend a homeopath, but never a single agent!