Homeopathy can be used specifically in the area of ​​women’s health solely or in addition. Homeopathy is a gentle form in specific reference to women’s needs.

Homeopathic Treatment for Women

The treatment is done in very small doses, and mild side effects, making them suitable for the treatment Designer Skin during pregnancy and lactation.The many hormonal, physical and emotional changes a woman over the course of your life, homeopathy offers support in a natural way. In addition to the handling of complaints homeopathy can also increase the general well-being.

Women’s complaints, leading to the homeopath

Women looking for help with various symptoms in homeopathy. Examples are:

¤ menstrual
¤ Menopausal symptoms
¤ discharge
¤ vaginal yeast
¤ Atypical bleeding
¤ Pregnancy and breast disorders
¤ Fibroids
¤ uterine prolapse
¤ Unfulfilled desire for children
¤ Ovarian cysts
¤ Incontinence
¤ Sexual disorders
¤ Acne
¤ Mood swings
¤ cancer.


Also, symptoms such as fatigue, migraine or recurrent urinary tract infections can be alleviated with the help of homeopathy. Women are often affected by these problems, which often have their origins in revising and overloading due to child rearing, family and professional work, combined with a high level of perfection. Doctors of homeopathy also assist in hearing himself once more on his own body, transforming everyday life accordingly, and to separate the important from the unimportant. Homeopathy can be helpful in the restoration of internal balance.

Homeopathy during pregnancy and lactation

Especially during pregnancy and lactation, but also during menstruation, a side-effect free treatment as homeopathy is desired. With homeopathy, the chemical-free treatment of both physical as well mental disorders possible. Especially hormone-induced disorders are influenced by homeopathic remedies well.

Homeopathy and Menopause

Discomfort in the menopause such as hot flashes, anxiety and insomnia can also be treated on the basis of homeopathy. Especially in patients who should not use hormone replacement therapy or want to offer homeopathy, alternative therapies.

Gynecology and limitations of homeopathy

Women usually find a homeopath when conventional treatment has not brought the hoped-gynecologist improvement. The trail to first visit the gynecologist, is a sensible, because the pelvic examination to clarify serious diseases, before homeopathy can be used. The homeopathic treatment alone does not lead to knowledge of the underlying disease. According to the pathology of homeopathy is the whole man and not an institution is only sick. Through the investigation result to the gynecologist and a comprehensive holistic approach by the homeopath, is the individual choice of the appropriate drug.