In the cold season, the cold comes to us quicker. Luckily, there are home remedies for colds and Co.

A common cold is distracting and overall well-being is greatly impaired. Colds, sore throat and general fatigue are just a few symptoms. You can prevent that if you heed the following advice. Eat an apple every day and drink lots. Tea and lemonade are good thirst quencher. Wash your hands often and make sure that the hands remain away from your face. Places with a lot of people should be avoided if possible. Put on warm. Clothe yourself with many thin layers of clothing rather than a thick wool sweater. The air layers between the individual pieces acts as an insulation. You can also customize your clothes according to your conditions. A healthy diet is the best remedy for colds. Lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts should be on the menu. If the cold is there to help some home remedies:

The good old vegetable soup

It does not always have the chicken soup. A strong vegetable soup has the same effect and is also healthier. For it is vegetable soup, boiled consisting of leek, carrot, celery and parsley briefly with bay leaves and juniper berries. In a pinch, you can also access to a high quality, ready-to vegetable. Then make sure to check organic. Now you make beans and vegetables to suit your taste and let the soup cook for 4 minutes. Beans are good sources of zinc and zinc helps with colds. The soup should then be removed from the stove. The short cooking time, many vitamins are retained and vegetables retain its beautiful color and aroma. Seasoned the soup with lemon juice, ginger and garlic, you increase the healing effect.


A herbal bath against colds

Against colds several herbs are grown. Eucalyptus, menthol, lavender, pine and thyme can be hung together or alone in a stocking or in another bag into the tub. At 39-40 degrees to bath in this herbal bath and breathe the vapors deeply through your nose. A bath for 20 minutes is sufficient. After the bath crupper your body with a towel and lay down in bed. A foot bath is salutary. The temperature of the foot bath can be increased slowly. After the foot bath, the feet are dried, creamed and packed in thick socks.

Showers moisturize your nasal mucosa

A proven way is the nasal irrigation with saline water. There are special nose showers to buy in pharmacies. But there is also no. You may add a pinch of sea salt dissolved in a glass of warm water. Then some salt solution in the palm of your hand and pull the liquid into the nose. Change from the nostrils. In a moist and well-secularized mucosa, bacteria and viruses have it harder to and one fight up in the body. The flushing can be performed several times a day.

Power in horseradish and ginger

Horseradish and ginger are as sharp as ever, but they help with colds. Ginger can be sliced ​​and chewed. A hot infusion of ginger, sips drink is also helpful. Grated horseradish can be small and mixed with sugar. A squeeze of lemon completes the natural resources.

Steam inhalations

Tea tree oil or chamomile flowers are placed in a bowl of hot water. With the head one bends over the bowl and inhale the vapors. If you wish, place a towel over your head and the bowl so that the water does not cool down as quickly and the vapor can be inhaled better. Rhinitis is thus released and the mucous membranes are submerged. Even wet towels, soaked in this solution and water are placed over the heating can help.

Tee time

Linden, chamomile, fennel and infused raspberry leaves are very beneficial for a cold. Pharmacies can also tailored to your complaints, prepare tea mixture.

Lemon, but please do not hot

Hot lemon is the most famous recipe. It’s packed with vitamin C. Vitamins but are lost at high temperatures. It is better to stir the lemon in warm water. In winter you can use lemon juice as a preventative thirst quencher. Much vitamin C is also in orange, pomegranate, kiwi and other tropical fruits. Keep in cold weather well before they would get only no cold. If you catch it anyway, home remedies are a great alternative to drugs. Come through the winter. The following spring, for sure.