It is common to see black spots on lips. These only affect us physically as they do not produce any risk to our health. To get rid from black spots on lips we only have to follow gradually. Some tips consist of natural products. Some simple tips will surely help us to improve the appearance of this dark spots. First, we must improve and change our lifestyle.

cure black spots

  1. The lemon

The lemon juice is fantastic natural medicine for the spots. The lemon is composed of great bleach that is what we need to combat the stains.

  1. Petals of Roses and Glycerin

Mix a little puree of rose petals with glycerin. This will create a dough or paste. We take a little of the paste to the lips and let it act the full night. After following this tip for a long time, you will see the result.

  1. Exfoliate the lips

Exfoliation removes dust, dead skin, dry skin, discoloration. The lips look pretty, shiny and smooth. Exfoliation also nourishes and maintains hydrated lips.

  1. Use good quality lipsticks

Do not use cheap products, expired on your lips. Remove makeup from the lips before going to bed. Products made with reliable, safe and natural material are always good for skin care. Lipsticks can cause darkness on your lips if it is always applied.

  1. The cold compresses

Affected sunburned areas should cool as soon as possible. This reduces the pain and the inflammation calms down. Select a little fresh towel. Put it in ice water. Press the water and keep the towel on your lips. Keep the towel until it starts to warm up position.

  1. Aloe vera

The top natural treatment for lips we could use aloe vera. It is soft and very moisturizing. It is very simple to use this medication for lips burnt by the help of sun. First, you have to cut a sheet in half then mix all gel. You can keep the gel in the freezer for a few times.

  1. Water

It is necessary to stay hydrated at every time after getting sunburn. Regularly you need to take 8 glasses of water. You should try to obtain it always in liquids after sunburn. The aim here is to assist your body cure wounds.