The acidity of the stomach is a disorder that affects a large part of the population, regardless of age, having as main causes of the stress and poor dietary habits. The sensation of acidity is generated by an increase of digestive juices and, if left untreated, can lead to more serious problems, such as gastritis. In this guide, in this regard, we will see what are the best home remedies for acidity.

A first solution to avoid the acidity of the stomach, the easiest to adopt, is to drink a glass of water every morning when you wake up, consuming 8 others during the day. Try not to indulge in overeating; is preferable to eat more times a day, assuming small doses of food. In this way, the stomach will digest less food, reducing the amount of acid produced. In the diet should be restricted food too spicy or too acidic, as well as beverages such as coffee.


If you want to immediately reduce stomach acid can eat a cup of yogurt; continue to regularly consume yogurt can also limit the formation of acid in the future. An excellent remedy for acidity is to dissolve in a glass of water a teaspoon of baking soda, adding a few drops of lemon or the tip of a spoon of sugar to improve the taste. Also eat a couple of teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two of honey, always dissolving in a glass of water or directly, before meals, helps to solve the problem. Ginger is a root that has many properties; one of these is, precisely, to counteract the acidity. It is sufficient to cut a piece of the root and suck it for a couple of minutes, or increase the use of ginger in the kitchen by using it, for example, to flavor yogurt or herbal tea.

Other remedies are efforts to increase the production of saliva, able to neutralize the acidity due to its alkaline content; Among these, the most effective are a chewing gum or a slice of lemon. Lovers of herbal teas can, however, prepare a base of mint and licorice (the latter is, however, not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure). The flavor will not be particularly pleasant, but also to drink cabbage juice every day can help balance the production of acids; in lieu of coconut water can be drunk .