The honey is a very versatile food, is no secret. However, the herpes virus that can declare war already.

The lip itching, tingling, pulling. Everyone who has ever had to deal with the annoying bubbles, knows this feeling of renewed outbreak. Regular use of honey can counteract herpes and used prophylactic ally, even prevent.

Honey as a small miracle cure for herpes problems

The honey is antiseptic known. But by daily embalm the lips (preferably in the evening before bedtime), this can counteract viral disease, probably less. Due to its antibacterial and antiviral activity of honey can do wonders as prophylaxis. It is recommended to use sweet, high-quality honey beekeepers. The positive side effect, the lips are supple.

And if it still breaks out?

A 100% reliability is of course not the same. By special circumstances, here is primarily stress and disease to mention it can always come again for another outbreak. Honey can still continue to be applied, it leaves the blisters dry up quickly and prevents further inflammation or spread.


What resources are still available?

The pharmaceutical industry of course offers a wide range of various creams, gels and patches. The effectiveness is controversial. As it is with many things, so it does not help the one to the other in turn.

But the medicine cabinet can even a lot:

1 ) The good old garlic – Everyone knows him, everyone has it. In general, it is used for cooking. Half a clove and rub gently with the flat side of the vesicles, also has antiseptic properties.

2 ) Tea tree oil, a small gift of nature. It is effective for skin impurities with halitosis and yet very different things. Among other things, on herpes. Applied several times a day, it leaves the same effect as honey or garlic.

3 ) And of course toothpaste. The bubbles a dab it and let harden. Here, however, special care must be taken because can open sores in the later removal and thus there is a great risk of the spread.

Parallel to all these agents, the immune system should be stabilized. Herpes outbreaks are generally associated with a weakened immune system. Vitamin C + Zinc here is the drug of first choice. Mainly absorbed by the food, but also in the form of effervescent tablets as a supportive measure. A healthy lifestyle, with sports and relaxation, lots of fresh air, the process can, of course, positive influence.

When to see a doctor?

In a particularly severe disease (spread to different areas of the face or even in the mouth), a doctor should be consulted. This will initiate further action, if necessary, prescribe pills for the disease shingles. This brings with it the same virus as the cold sores, called herpes simplex viruses.