Our customs may be the cause of suffering injuries as herniated discs. Here are a few tips that can help prevent them.

Diseases such as hypertension, obesity , diabetes and spinal disorders are increasingly common ailments in the world population. Our routines and jobs influence the early onset of these diseases.

What are herniated discs

Our spine, like everything in the human body, is an engineering feat of nature. For she spend most of the nerve connections that control both movements as the basic functions of organs and muscles. A simple explanation is that the hernia occurs when a disc (soft pads) between two bones of the spine, compresses the nerves around the spine. This causes a great pain depending on the affected area can be located in different parts of the body. The word hernia means to bulge or bulges.

Column parts most affected by hernias

The area lumbar and cervical column is where there are more problems, the pain down the buttocks and the back of the thigh to the calf. The strength of pain depends on which disc is weakened and the pressure exerted by the disc on the nerve. Some localized pain in both legs or feet experience tingling and numbness. It is often thought that the herniated discs primarily affect the older age population. Youth is no exception to this condition, it is important to understand that hernias are not formed overnight, mostly, are the cumulative result of poor posture and poor efforts made without taking preventive measures.


Efforts without affecting the spine

Every day we play carry objects or jobs that require awkward postures. Both the TV and computers we occupy much of the day. Some tips for properly efforts could be:

* Bend your knees and hips when lifting weights and keep your back straight.
* Use strips keep your lower back protected loading weights.
* Keep the weight close to your body forever.
* No awkward postures for long.

Job Gymnastics

There are methods of gym work that help us relax the affected parts or numb when we long hours in the same position. These exercises are widely used in Asian cultures, entrepreneurs use a part of working in this type of gymnastics. The exercises improve blood circulation, activate dormant areas and relax the body helping to relieve stress causes us our work.

Sample exercises for the office

* Placed sitting upright (straight up) arms to the sides of the body as relaxed as possible, eyes forward and shoulders back.
* Collapse the abdomen, taking a deep breath but very slowly, moving all the inspired air was our rib cage, we feel our lungs are completely filled without the inflated belly. We repeated 3 to 5 times.
* Perform neck bending back and forth, each bending must be accompanied by one breath. For example: take in air neck flexing forward and release the air backwards.
* The same exercise we can perform with lateral neck flexing (touch your ears with your shoulders) or (say no) rotations and side to side. Always be coordinated with breathing to exercise better use.
* In the same position, making movements with his arms outstretched, circles the front, back, alternating movements in front and back, always on par with breathing.

The Pilates method as an alternative preventive

Breathing above is used by Pilates. This also strengthens the internal musculature. These muscles are responsible for maintaining the support of our body. When weakened, the weight and the daily efforts act directly on joints and injuries favor. What is important in this method are the preventive possibilities offered. Practice is recommended for both healthy people and those who already have herniated discs, but if in this case you should inform the instructor for guidance specific exercises. The Pilates is practiced in small groups. This allows more personalized. The exercises, if done correctly, are highly therapeutic, facilitate spatial orientation, balance, flexibility and breathing capabilities.

As an alternative to surgery

A surgery is another way to deal with this condition. Only recommended in severe cases. It is considered a high risk operation because it works closely nerve channels if they are affected can cause irreparable motor problems. If not in an extreme case, must exhaust all alternative methods.