Angelina Jolie has the breast cancer gene. She has chosen the path of drastic amputation. But every woman and every case is different.

Angelina Jolie did, Allyn Rose and Sharon Osbourne also. No doubt this was a serious, responsible choice for all, not to take the preventive mastectomy. They all have a genetic defect that can increase the risk of breast cancer to over 80 percent.

Who is affected: mutated genes and family history

95 percent of breast cancers are inherited genetically and hormonally caused only about 5 percent. Angelina Jolie, Allyn Rose and Sharon Osbourne had these mutated genes BRCA1, BRCA2 and RAD51C. Unchanged in this genome is responsible for the repair of cancer cells. In mutated form, they can not fulfill, which increases the risk of ovarian or breast cancer significantly this task. If already aggressive breast or ovarian cancer in two or more people or at the relatively young age and may have occurred resulting in death in the family, a genetic study offers.


As the genetic test runs

The gene test includes a simple examination of the blood for the patient on these mutated breast cancer genes. However, there is a waiting list in the respective laboratories, so you sometimes have to wait several months for the evaluation and the results. More problematic is proving to question whether you want to know such a genetic security at all. It therefore calls offered intensive information, the consequences of such a result for the affected individual and the family, and the children can have, because this is hereditary breast cancer gene. If the mutated gene can be detected, one is inevitably faced with the question: Let me continue the breast cancer time bomb ticking inside of me or do I remove them? The first way is fanning fears of permanent disease onset. The second includes all the risks of surgery and is mentally and physically stressful. Other hand, is possibly a responsibility towards children or related parties, which understandably push for the removal of the possible outbreak. The person has a right not to have to know and to control its destiny.

Also yields a result only statements about a statistical probability. Breast cancer does not necessarily break out.Whether the genetic study is made, is very dependent on the personality of a person. The person concerned is also allowed to carry out the expensive tests do not want to learn the outcome of the investigation yet.

Available breast cancer gene: mastectomy sense?

In America, there are more than 40 percent of women with breast cancer gene that could remove her breast tissue prophylactically. In Germany, there are also more and more. This mastectomy reduces the risk of breast cancer by 95 percent. It is hard for many sufferers to live with it, to know that a greatly increased risk, aggressive breast cancer. They often carry more responsibility for small children or dependents not want to expose the problems of their cancer. Then opting for a mastectomy with subsequent reconstruction is possible. Other stakeholders to use the alternative reinforced preventive services and wait. If the breast cancer actually occurs, they can still leave make a breast surgery.

In any event, the amputation of the breast only means to minimize, not an exclusion of cancer. Retarded glandular tissue in the breast glandular tissue in the armpit or the ovaries may be affected by cancer because the mutated gene also influences them. In addition, the surgery carries the usual risks, such as wound healing, as well as heart and circulatory stresses. Also, the implant to reconstruct the breast complications may occur. If everything went well and without problems, so the woman has lost the feeling in the chest and get a crack at her femininity, which is difficult to cope with some of those affected.

Available breast cancer gene: alternative

For a patient with a mutated breast cancer gene, however, want to wait, the more intensive screening offers are a good alternative. In Germany there are special prevention programs that focus on early detection. Thus, as early as the 25th Age of magnetic resonance examinations offered. Also, mammograms and ultrasound scans of the ovaries and breast are provided early and annually.

Along with a healthy, athletic-invigorating lifestyle, the risk of getting breast cancer and a belated finding of a disease can be significantly reduced with these early opportunities. In addition, a use of anti-hormonal drugs is also possible may also significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer in some cases. However, these alternatives require the capacity of a woman to live with the knowledge that she is at risk of early breast and ovarian cancers, as well as discipline in the implementation of regular screening.

Expiry of a mastectomy with reconstruction

The more hour operation is done under general anesthesia. Here, the complete glandular breast tissue is removed. The skin envelope of the breast remains to reconstruct the breast obtained, where possible, all-risk breast tissue is removed from the skin layers. Similarly, the nipple and areola are also often used for reconstruction, although preference may break out in these parts of the body of breast cancer.

Particularly compatible to fill the skin envelope of the breast with your own tissue is. This fatty tissue is removed from the abdomen, legs or back. This leaves scars not only to the nipple, but also to the body part from which the adipose tissue was removed. Therefore, the use of your own body tissue is painful, although better tolerated. The breast reconstruction is possible with the help of used implants. The breast will look very natural. However, rejection of the body against these artificial implants can occur.