Menstrual pain is not a disease itself, but can be caused by several factors, such as stress, anxiety, inflammation sexually transmitted infections, cysts and so on (there are also cases of menstrual cycle particularly painful for purely hereditary.) ALL words that will be used from here on aim, of course, to ease and relieve the pain in the first two cases, therefore, stress and anxiety.

Needless to say, all other causes require very different health measures. The remedies listed below, of course, are not substitutes for the benefits given by NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory drugs on the market, especially in case of severe pain, may, however, surely accompany the “therapy” through the achievement a greater physical and mental wellbeing and reducing mental stress and muscle. Certain cultures and religions identify the menstrual cycle as the beginning of the impurity, while the culture (or rather the lack thereof) in recent years has increasingly brought forward the idea of the menstrual cycle as a hardship. Actually, a regular menstrual cycle is synonymous with good health and possible remedies in the event of stress or anxiety for any inconvenience pain of menstrual cycle, needless to say, we offer them the entire nature that surrounds us. Throughout this guide we explain, step by step, the various possible remedies through natural herbs against menstrual pain, remedies that can range from herbal teas, infusions, up to aromatherapy. Even better is to merge these remedies for try to get a net reduction of stress and, consequently, of the pain.


Proceed with order and we begin to talk about the most common method, the tea, with this we are going to deal with the psychological well-being through the sense of taste. A plant widely used in this field is the Chamomile.
Recognized by the discrete time as a tranquilizer anti-inflammatory properties , the flowers of chamomile are used by homeopathic medicine as a remedy for menstrual cramps. certainly worth noting the “variant” Roman Chamomile, which is considered much more effective and also recommended to facilitate digestion, is considered a moderate antispasmodic and has a wide use for the its calming ability.

Anyway, it is important not to overdo the dose, the recommended dose to an infusion of 3-5 g are each 100-150 ml of water (preferably hot). fairly Another plant used is the Melissa (full name, in fact, Melissa officialism).
Currently, it is used, together with Valerian, as a sedative in states of anxiety, especially for those with stigmatization level digestive and as a remedy for headache. Considered a calming is therefore the ‘ideal to limit contractions. Finally, we have the Achillea millefolium, Sage, Belladonna and Fennel (to use especially in the case of intestinal bloating.). This remedy should be agreed with your herbalist and it’s a good idea to inform your doctor , especially in the case of current therapies.

Another aspect not to be overlooked, and in which there is always help in medicinal herbs, is olfactory. every woman, of course, will have the scents that mostly calm down, we can, however, indicate some lines in general. The oils are considered effective for relieving stress and, consequently, the pain we are lavender, chamomile, marjoram and geranium. Very important is to have, in these cases, the essence burner in which to pour the water and a few drops of essential oil. Avoid spread the scent throughout the house, it is a therapy that has at its core the intimacy, you must then choose one or two rooms where the fragrance will be widespread. During aromatherapy is obviously necessary that the body is in a relaxed position, also recommended a very conciliatory or particularly soothing music for personal reasons.