The heart is the main organ of our body more important and often unhealthy diet and an unhealthy lifestyle can twist it and make it sick. This guide will show you how to protect it with the right diet, with quick and simple steps that can improve health and prolong life. Two of the most important elements of our muscle, for example, are the extract of olive leaves and omega 3 (found in mackerel, for example), which are essential to protect the heart from saturated fat and cholesterol. The ideal would be to take them 3 times a day since the age infant to the elderly. In cases of hypertension, however, it is useful to take in large amounts and cure most of their heart healthy meals.


The foods that could ensure the health to the heart are rare and difficult to find, in fact, there are daily in Italian homes: garlic, for example, contains a particular substance, Alicia, which makes blood and fluid reduces the possibility of blood clots; then the soybeans, which is equipped with lecithin, which avoids that the cholesterol deposits on the walls of the arteries; other foods such as chocolate, almond, fruit, nuts, fish, poultry, legumes, tomatoes, potatoes, citrus, coffee, vegetables, red wine. Eating these foods, however, is not enough. In fact, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fats that cause cholesterol and are thus to avoid fatty meats and oils of palm and coconut.

Two antioxidant foods for excellence are the radicchio and orange. They contain vitamin C and, if consumed daily, the second in salads mixed with carrots, and the first in salads with cherries, can ensure a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. A surprise for some might be the news that alcohol is good for the heart. In fact, the red wine comes from grapes, of which the peel and seeds contain nutrients that dissolve blood and dilators and do well even ulcer. Of course we must not abuse for not getting a reverse effect and not sicken the liver.

Do not be scare, though, sometimes it is possible to indulge in holiday foods especially not too healthy, but they came back to everyday life is good to have the correct habits. You must remember that foods that are recommended to be ingested by distributing them in all 5 meals and avoiding to assume in large quantities and more times a day.