Are you worried that your child takes to school as “lunch”? Children’s ideas are simple and easy recipes with nutritious food for your children.

Lunch is the complement of breakfast mid-morning between classrooms. Your child gets junk food, poor in nutrients and rich in sugars, salt and saturated fat? You should worry, because in Mexico the rate of heart disease and childhood obesity is so high that we occupy the first places worldwide. In addition to outdoor exercise and activities that put aside physical inactivity, video games and television, you can prepare the following recipes for a rich and healthy lunch for your children.

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Muffins with “pico of gallo”

Ingredients (2 persons)

¤ 2 rolls (bread-like dough savory baguette)
¤ ½ cup refried beans
¤ Meltable cheese (manchego, gouda, oaxaca, rancher)
¤ 1 tomato (tomato) medium
¤ 1 tablespoon chopped onion
¤ Soy sauce (optional)
¤ Lemon juice (optional)

Cut rolls in half and spread each with the beans. Place a slice of cheese on top and put on a griddle or in an electric furnace to melt: these are the muffins. In addition, make the dressing “pico of gallo” chop the tomatoes and mix with onion, soy sauce and some lemon. Mix well. Place the muffins in a plastic container and put in separate container pico of gallo, add up to muffins at mealtime.


Although you can buy and do in the microwave (if applicable, for the natural, not containing butter or “extras”), is good preparation: In a heavy-bottomed saucepan deep (the copper is a good choice), set it over medium heat and add about two tablespoons of vegetable oil. When hot, add half a cup of popcorn. Continuously moving the start and when it starts to pop, cover and lower the flame a little to bursting most popcorn. Place in a covered container or resealable bag.

Peanut butter sandwiches

This is an option not only delicious but very nutritious. Buy peanut butter, preferably natural, and spread on sliced ​​bread. In such case adds a bit of jam or hazelnut cream and ready.

Guacamole with chips

A spicy version for children, is to prepare type “pico of gallo.” Take the pulp of an avocado, add drops of lemon juice and mash. Separately, prepare the pico of gallo as described for the muffins. Add a pinch of salt and pico of gallo. Mix lightly. Place in a plastic container, add a little lemon juice, seal well and place the chips in a separate container to keep moist.

Graham crackers with cream cheese

Buy a bar of cream cheese, take half and soften. Add a tablespoon of sesame (sesame seeds) and mix well. If you prefer, you can add chopped almonds or walnuts. Place the dip in a container and on the other, graham crackers.

Fresh fruit, nuts and water alone

Finally, these healthy lunches accompanied with fresh fruit of the season, can be an apple, a banana, a slice of pineapple, melon, papaya, grapes, among others. You can also put you in a small container of nuts such as almonds, walnuts and dried cranberries and raisins. Nuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and proteins, trace elements and vitamins. Cranberries contain antioxidants and raisins are rich in iron, potassium, fiber and B vitamins

Do not forget to water alone (according to the recommendations made by the Ministry of Health does not advise or juices or soft drinks or other sugary drinks). A healthy lunch does not have to be expensive or complicated. The recipes given here are easy and quick addition of rich and nutritious for your little ones.