To live a healthy life and engage in a healthy nutrition plan is sometimes harder than we think. We are confronted on a daily basis with spectacular commercials, appealing to our cravings, fast-food offers and discounts can sometimes even convince the most stubborn vegetarian to try the latest burger and having the children leave around the house all sorts of sweets and snacks also make our lives a living hell, especially if we’re on a diet.


Many women gave up on draconic and rigid diets involving strict calories count, preparing unappealing dishes and starving themselves and embraced a more relaxed concept of changing the lifestyle altogether, not only the products in their fridge. We are witnessing a sort of health renaissance, where the focus lies in exercising more, drinking water and tea, change some foods with others without abandoning our favorite gourmet dishes, sleeping better and adding natural alimentary supplements such as the TRIMSPA original formula which successfully compensates for rigid dieting and painful exercise when wanting to lose weight.

But a healthy overall lifestyle and eating has also some unseen enemies: the foods we automatically consider safe and healthy but which aren’t. Let’s see some of these products and be more aware that not all things are as beautiful as they seem and sometimes is actually healthier to use a formula to lose weight than having a so called “natural” diet.

Protein bars are your least favorite chemical brothers

They may be advertised as the best solutions for losing weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle, as they contain less proteins and many less calories, lots of fibers and “healthy sugars” but you should read the label first: many of them contain genetically modified soy, chemicals which may give you the feeling of “chocolaty taste”, colorants and taste enhancers, so you may very well consume less proteins, but your chemical intake can turn into your worst nightmare. For a quick snack, you can better switch to raw apples or carrots. High quality chocolate is actually very good for your health, so a piece of that is less likely to kill you than the chemicals in these highly processed bars.

Poster – like fruits and the miracles of genetic engineering

You don’t actually believe that a perfectly designed and flawless fruit is actually healthy. Supermarkets have their ways of presenting you some almost Photoshopped fruits and veggies but those are far from natural health. These fruits can be genetically modified, chemically treated, injected with all sorts of substances and even painted to look the way they look. Try buying your fruits and veggies from the market and don’t be disgusted by apple spots or minuscule drilled potatoes. If the worms or other pests chose that veggie or fruit to eat, it is likely that the fruit or vegetable is natural and saw some sun light and some garden real soil.

Not all that says chicken is gold

You know chicken is among the healthiest meat you can eat and enjoy. So basically, if cooked right, it can be your best healthy lifestyle’s friend. But the word chicken is also displayed on processed foods, like hotdogs, salami, all sorts of hams and by-products. If you’re craving for some hotdogs and you think that just because they’re said to be made of chicken breast, they are the real deal, read the label. Few of these hotdogs, sausage or processed products ever saw a real chicken breast, as many consist in MDM, pasteurized cartilage, skin and even bones in the worst of cases. So if you really want some chicken gourmets try making them home or buy them from local independent producers. Who knows what they put in them as some home-made sausage actually looks completely wrong? The answer is that the supermarket processed foods look actually wrong and the chances to buy a healthy sausage without any chemicals in it are quite low.