Man is an “animal movement”. Nowadays rolls, driving and flying it. Lifestyle diseases due to lack of exercise are on the rise.

Homo erects, Homo sapiens and Neanderthals had neither a bicycle, motorcycle or car, and certainly they did not fly. They migrated. Their food gathered and chased them on foot! Except for times when they slept or ate, they were constantly on the move. Modern man lives entirely different.

Movement and locomotion in modern times

Inventive man has made in the course of millennial for relief in his everyday life. Not only at food procurement or construction, but also during locomotion. About riding and chauffeured by donkey and horse out, he created ever more convenient ways to get from one place to another. For example, with a two-or three-wheeler. In the 17th Century, a paraplegic watchmaker built named Stephan Farfler a three-wheeled vehicle, with which he was able to move around, sitting, and although driven by hand cranks. During the 18th and 19 Century saw various types of wheels and wooden trolleys more than forerunner of the bicycle. Still later revolutionized the invention of the steam engine, the locomotion and transportation of humanity.


Every coin has two sides

To facilitate the imaginary companion made it possible not only individual, but even more than one person to carry the same time (coaches or trains pulled by steam engine). Large loads and transport could be better in less time. In addition to all muscle-powered, animals or steam power to moving trucks, were in the 20th Century reciprocating engines built. This one operation with gasoline. The car revolutionized the movement of the man before he could fly too! Today, the man moves naturally beautiful, fast cars. Iron, road and commuter trains provide for local and long-distance for fast connections. Flying has let the world in some way be a bit smaller. Direct short connections in high speed are here to stay.

The downside: the man sits mostly. And if he’s not in, it is often. Run is only a little. Even the walk from the front door to the bakery on the corner is often completed quickly by car. There are actually people who go to the gym bag over his shoulder with the lift in the gym, although it is only in the first floor of the building. Could smile about it, but in truth it’s rather sad that some people can not or only insufficiently health to them inherent possibilities of motion use. It has been proven that a minimum level of health movement positively influenced.

Exercise to your day is quite sufficient for normal people

You do not go to the gym or join a sports club. Also, a daily sports program is not necessarily needed.Even normal everyday offers plenty of opportunity for movement: climbing stairs, window cleaning, making beds, shopping there are many more possibilities. Not more muscles are required, as naturally available. These require no special training, but with the requirement to adapt naturally.

Movement deepens the natural breathing, and this is the alpha and omega. For supplying the body with not only oxygen, but also for the expansion, relaxation and tension in certain muscles of our musculature system Who moves, breathes deeper automatically. He expands his chest and thereby expands to naturally and gently, the intercontinental muscles. When climbing stairs, the leg muscles is increasingly into play. Anyone conscious of the fact the entire foot on the stage sets and the force can act from the back muscles pump blood back into his chest. The breath ability ensures the correct distribution. In this way, movement is refreshing for body and mind.

Movement as a prevention for many diseases

Said climbing stairs helps maintain a strong leg muscles and prevents, for example, before weak veins. The deeper breathing is invigorating for the abdominal muscles. Nobody needs a “six pack” on the belly. The most natural exercise through proper breathing ensures that the stomach is sufficiently trained. “Massaged” a normal strong abdominal muscles, the internal organs and promotes the circulation. Besides the muscles, the joints are moved enough. Who the times practiced for a time rather than take the lift will find a gradually increasing fitness and increased well-being. The list of diseases is at least as long as the causes that can lead to. Physical inactivity is a serious cause of many complaints and so-called common diseases. Since man is a movement, “animal”, he should use his inherent possibilities for movement of his body. In this way he carries himself in his health.