The technicians Fund informed on 04.06.2013 that men suffer more often in part-time and temporary work under psychological stress.

German workers are stressed. New this knowledge is not, as for some years a worrying increase of mental illness was recorded. As now the current “health Report 2013,” the technician has health insurance, workers not only in this country suffer under the increasing workload, but also in overtime, and the constant accessibility via cell phone or email the result.

Male workers feel particularly stressed

As the comprehensive study shows psychologically related absenteeism and downtime since 2006 have increased by more than 75 percent. Under psychological stress suffer especially those who are employed in temporary employment in temporary or part time work. Even workers with double burden that must balance work and family at the same time under one roof, feel particularly stressed. This part-time work is still a female phenomenon. While forty percent of all working women are employed part-time, it is for men only 7.4 percent, or a minority. This, however, suffers particularly from psychological effects of the model part-time. As Heiko Schulz, the psychologist, the technician insurance suspects, stirred the increased psychological distress among male workers in part-time, temporary or fixed-term contracts, therefore, that men are still seen as the main breadwinner of the family. To fulfill this role adequately, but is often difficult in the above employment. In addition, many men would not volunteer to work part time, but only because they did not find a full-time work or family commitments might pursue through any 40-hour week.


Health insurance technician asks flexible working models

The technicians employed health insurance in their health report with the question, how could one occurs the increasing psychological distress of workers preventive. As health director Dr. Baas explained, it was not a question, even more to regulate the working conditions in Germany state. Although it could not afford an international company in this country, not to answer emails within 20 German time clock. However, the need for a more flexible work organization conditions that will better meet the needs of workers. Crucial to counteract stress and burn-out, also had an appreciative leadership on the part of leaders and earn a livelihood perspective. Stood as workers who could reconcile work, family and care to each other, much less proven under psychological pressure.

The “Health Report 2013,” the technician health insurance annually analyzes the sick leave and medicines of almost four million insured workers at TK. Including not only social insurance contributions, but also recipients of unemployment benefit I.