People go through trials in their journey through life and these trials can cause stress and anxiety affecting both the mind and body. Butthen again, men and women also have the ability to avoid negative emotions that are not good for their total well-being.

One of the best ways to get rid of stress and heal a person’s physical and emotional well-being is through meditation. Yoga is the classic example of this method. It can be done alone, one-on-one with an instructor or with a group of people. It can also be used as a form of self-care to help you process your personal issues and recharge your emotions.


Healing the Mind and Body

Experiencing a loss can be devastating to an individual. A loss can mean many things – divorce, end of a relationship, death of a loved one or a beloved pet, losing a precious home or job. When this happens, there’s pain which if not addressed to can lead to health problems and even depression.

Research has shown that when a person experiences a negative emotion such as frustration or disappointment, the stress hormones become very active in the nervous system. Blood flows to the muscles are heightened causing tension and a tight sensation in the chest.

Fortunately, one can gradually get over the hurt by relaxing and meditating. By doing this, you release the tension in your muscles and experience a more positive sensation.

In fact, Harvard Medical School researchers have found that those practicing relaxation methods for many years now have more active disease-fighting genes. These genes were discovered to be helpful in protecting the body from pain, high blood pressure, infertility and arthritis.

And they can be switched on to be able to enjoy the relaxation effect – free from pain, improved immune system, healthier hormone levels and lower blood pressure.

What the study also suggested was that practicing meditation on a regular basis increases a person’s chances of becoming healthier. This only proves that meditation is a healing drug with absolutely no side effects. And the more you practice it, the better your overall health condition.

For his part, Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute and creator of the Ornish Diet, confirmed that lifestyle changes including practicing meditation and yoga have the ability to reverse chronic diseases and improve cognitive function.

This only means that practicing acts that lower stress and calm the mind are as vital as eating the proper diet and exercising in maintaining and improving one’s health.

Dr. Ornish has launched a holistic program for reversing heart disease that includes yoga. He stressed that by being able to quiet the mind and body, an individual experiences inner peace, joy and well-being. This then allows them to connect with other people in healthier ways. Ornish himself admitted that yoga saved his life while he was battling depression as a college undergraduate.

To gain the benefits of meditation and yoga, one does not need to do complicated poses. There are many simple poses that you can do even in the comfort of your home to enjoy the healing benefits of meditation. You can simply sit down on the floor with your legs crossed and do deep breathing such as moving your shoulders as high as you can while inhaling and letting them drop all the way down as you exhale. When you’re ready to go a step further, you can seek a personal instructor or join a group yoga session.

So find time to do some meditation and you can be sure to achieve that inner peace and joy that have been evading you for a long time.