Ginger is a plant native to the Far East, it is used especially in the fleshy part of the rhizome that contains the active ingredients and the most important essential oils. Let’s see what are the healing properties of ginger and use it for the well being of our body, so simple and effective.

Ginger is a plant used since antiquity for both its beneficial properties than for its taste pungent. We can easily find on the market this spice powder which is dried and fresh. For better effectiveness in the preparation of natural remedies and to get a more intense flavor on our plates, we recommend using the fresh rhizome, removing the part of the outer and slicing. It is preserved in the refrigerator for long periods, perhaps inside a plastic container or a bag to prevent drying. The dishes can be used chopped, but we can also prepare a tea by boiling in water for a few minutes, or do external applications directly on the skin.


This root is a great help for different types of disorders and is a natural source of vitamins, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Introducing the ginger in our diet we can bring significant benefits to our digestive system, thanks to its antioxidant properties fight intestinal inflammations, ulcers and gastritis, also prevents tumors due to the antioxidant effect of its essential oils. It will be useful also to combat nausea and indigestion, but also to eliminate the gas in the intestine. Finally, recent studies show that consuming ginger helps increase satiety and facilitate the melting of fat, will be a key element to be included in a balanced diet to lose some pounds.

To combat the symptoms of influenza, joint pain and sinusitis, we can resort to herbal tea of ginger. Just boil some slices of the root in water for a healthy and tasty drink, to which we can add a little sugar. This remedy will have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and decongestant, an excellent natural remedy for the winter season, easy to prepare. We can also add the essential oil extracted from the rhizome to our hot bath to stimulate circulation and combat muscle and joint pain. According to the Ayurvedic herbal tradition ginger is a great aphrodisiac: we can add it in several dishes, from seafood to desserts, to get a spicy flavor and decided to ensure success for our romantic evening.